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Sony PS3 Jailbreak: Affects on new titles

A couple of days ago PS3 “jailbreak” was all that Sony PlayStation 3 users could talk about, but we can now report that is no longer online. This was the website that sold the USB dongle that made jailbreaking the console possible.

However, we have to wonder if there will now be any others, now that this site has been shut down? The affects on any such activity will not be good for the millions of loyal PS3 fans, as this could have affect on sales – in turn new titles could suffer, which GamingTops explains in a little more detail.

Before was shut down, GamingTops come up with a few of their own suggestions – the first of which was to get hold of a dongle and understand how the device works. They should not be hasty and bring out a patch to block the device from working; it would be much better if they were to learn from it.

They could then wait and release a virus and then wait until the user calls Sony for support, only then can they catch the person out and then fine them. This is something that I am not sure will be legal, its just what GamingTops suggests.

Are you disappointed that is now shut down?
Update: The site is now back up



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