Sony PS3 Jailbreak: Affects on new titles

By Peter Chubb - Aug 22, 2010

A couple of days ago PS3 “jailbreak” was all that Sony PlayStation 3 users could talk about, but we can now report that is no longer online. This was the website that sold the USB dongle that made jailbreaking the console possible.

However, we have to wonder if there will now be any others, now that this site has been shut down? The affects on any such activity will not be good for the millions of loyal PS3 fans, as this could have affect on sales – in turn new titles could suffer, which GamingTops explains in a little more detail.

Before was shut down, GamingTops come up with a few of their own suggestions – the first of which was to get hold of a dongle and understand how the device works. They should not be hasty and bring out a patch to block the device from working; it would be much better if they were to learn from it.

They could then wait and release a virus and then wait until the user calls Sony for support, only then can they catch the person out and then fine them. This is something that I am not sure will be legal, its just what GamingTops suggests.

Are you disappointed that is now shut down?
Update: The site is now back up

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  • caketin

    I Think SONY are in enough trouble removing the other operating system option in there firmware updates.
    As for a major company posting a virus that would be ILLEGAL!!!

    I think SONY could use this to device to there advantage.
    My advice SONY if you are reading this…… licence this device out to a good third party company like DATEL.
    Please let people back up there original discs blu ray is ok but its crap if you get a scratched disc …… really easy with young children.
    Just use a licence keys for the game that can only be used on one console at a time.
    If the game is traded it should be accompanied with its original licence key….if lost contact SONY to sort out problem at new owners expense.

    Everybody wins in backing up there software collection and no illegal pirate games.

  • sophie

    I got an email from Gadget-Asia. They have this modchip.

  • Jessica

    WoW! This is like one of the most, if not the most stupid article I've ever read in gaming history. You Sir are just plainly stupid and apparently have no clue what the **** you're talking about. Get a life … and a proper job that suits you …

  • Nix

    @qfdsfsdf If you're dumb enough too use this online? Then you're dumb enough too be banned.Sony deserves every lick of pain upon them. They pretty much made it clear that they can give two craps about gamers who own the PS3, but only care for there product. They've taken more stuff away, and given little back too there console, so with that being said. I can only hope for better thing too come from the creators of this godly device.

  • qfdsfsdf

    Waiting for the army of freetard cretins complaining their console has been permenantly banned from PSN…

  • Guest


    Lookup Failed. No IP address or host name with a valid lookup in input.

  • Guest

    Down again…. Guess it's back up it just a few, on a different server.

  • Simer

    it will increase ps3 sales n xbox 360 now gone baby sure and guaranteed.Foolish hardware
    on xbox.Ps3 rules now will have both advantages n disadvantages

  • djb

    Get your facts straight ya retard before you write an article.

  • expsfan

    haha your source has no common sense. Finally news of a way to backup your games and run homebrew and they didnt think everyone would come to the site?

    When I couldnt get to it it was obvious they used up all their bandwidth due to heavy traffic.

    Anyway will be nice to see what sony do, as for loyal fans, sony pissed off many of them for removing otheros due to a half finished hack. As one person have been posting, I would like to see if sony will disable the usb ports to "make the ps3 safe for other users".

    I think sony deserve what they get now, removing memory card slots and PS2 backward compatibility for EU consoles, which saved them around $60, but then sold it for $60 more in the EU than the US!
    We've always been ripped off in the EU with many products, and I for once will be glad to rip off sony with this dongle! (when it gets cheaper of a free cfw is released)

    From an ex-loyal PS fan.

  • Peter Chubb

    Hi when i checked the site was down, as it was for my source. I can now see that it is up, sorry.

  • bobbintb

    uh… its stil online. just checked after reading this.

  • John

    Just checked the site…and it is still up and I was able to navigate through the pages.

  • Ryan

    Jailbreaking isn't illegal. Sony can't fine you for messing with something YOU own.

    • Tustin1

      No, but they can stop you from enjoying anything else SONY like online gaming via PSN…


    Umm… you might want to check their website xD FAIL!

  • tic toc toc

    The aspect of home-brew is what most people were after but then come the followers of piracy which lets everyone down.

  • giz

    Site is still up for me.. Check you ISP

  • nasatate

    its not shutdown i just checked out the site and its online

  • Steve

    PSJAILBREAK.COM website is back online.

    Last checked: 22 August 2010 (2:33 (GMT 0))

  • shawn shut down? I think not. Work just fine for me.

  • guest

    um…it's not shut down.

  • Master

    …uhh do you mean ? because its working fine for me…

  • Lol


  • gregrda

    the site wasn't taken down….

  • Chris

    The website doesn't seem to be shut down for me. May be they were updating their servers for the higher than normal server overload.

  • dfrase

    it looks like its still up to me.

  • Dick

    The website is up still… Duh

  • mojo

    The site is not shut down. They have about 20 other distibutors to. Dumb ass.

  • DeejayAJ

    What you talkin bout willis? was never shut down.

  • lik

    You obviously dont know what your talking about is online and kicking and sony cant do shit about this one ,ps is jailbroken ,live with it and enjoy it.

  • Heet

    Um, I just went to their site and then ordered one from OCZ mods….so…huh?

  • Kyle

    The site is not down. It was flooded for the past few days and went down. Now it's back up with a better service. This site is a joke.

  • Jayne is still alive and well, it would appear that the servers have overload and that is causiing them to go down

  • andy

    check it again…

  • abz

    still online mate

  • someone

    you sir are a retard the website isint shut down.

  • YouMomGoToCollege

    If it's shut down…then how come I can access it? The only reason it was down was because they had too much traffic.

  • Pboy

    Its not shut down

  • uhh

    its not shut down……

  • Daniel Edwards

    I'm sorry, a virus that infects a piece of hardware you own, from another piece of hardware you own? Having to call up Sony and getting a fine?

    What a completely ridiculous suggestion, I'm glad that people like you are not in charge of major companies. We already have one Steve Jobs telling us what we can and can't do with something we own, we don't need another one.

  • prakrti

    The psjailbreak site isn't shut down. I'm looking at it right now.

  • Crud26

    Sorry to say but the site is back up!! It was down due to heavy traffic!! I do not know where you got the news that the site was shut down though.

    • sonyavading

      Hopefully, this one won't be flag by Sony. The last thing that any gamers want, is that they spend 170 dollars for something that won't work! USB PS Jailbreak Impressions