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Sluggish iPhone 3G: iOS update coming soon?

Back in June Apple too much fan fare released iOS 4, but owners of older model iPhones like the 3G who upgraded the software complained about bad battery life and slowness of the handset. Now a software update could be on its way to cure the problems.

Erica Ogg of is reporting that back in July Apple said it was “investigating” the complaints, but that was three weeks ago. But a customer has taken his complaint about his iPhone 3G straight to the top to CEO Steve Jobs.

The customer is alleged to have received a short reply via email which read “Software update coming soon.” Apple doesn’t confirm emails that seem to get posted online, but Job’s is known to reply to customers personally. The authenticity of the email can’t be guaranteed, and officially Apple is saying there is no update at the moment.

It could be that the update relates to the iOS 4.1, which is already being tested by developers. Are you having problems since the upgrade?


  • chris

    I found the cure for iphone 3G,
    i disabled Safari and App Store, by restricting them and the iphone 3g is just flying, no more sluggish and glitches. if you need to use these apps just unlock them and then when u r done disable them.

    • leftist

      How do you restrict Safari and App Store?

  • ted

    Still running sloooooooooowww.

  • max

    battery life is pretty bad since the update. if i text on my iphone 3g it'll last most of the day but if i use anything else while texting the battery life is sucked down. at the moment its down past %50 and its been off the charger for almost 4 hours. cannot wait till i can get my upgrade to iphone 4..

    steve jobs if you really sent that email, please push an update quickly, before my iphone turns off..


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