Pandigital Novel Review: Nook or Kindle cheaper

By Peter Chubb - Aug 21, 2010

The Pandigital Novel is yet another eReader coming to the market, but how does it compare to the range of other such devices already on the market? It has the best of both worlds, the user will be able to read eBooks and you even get a lite version of Google Android. However, the downside is its price – $180, which as you know the Nook and Kindle are cheaper.

Joanna Stern from Engadget has spent some time with the new device and thought she would offer a detailed review, one thing that she points out before she gets going is the fact that it comes with access to the Barnes & Noble’s e-book store.

The Pandigital Novel comes with a color 7-inch touchscreen, and 2GB of internal memory. However, Stern still has a few reservations about the device, which she aims to discuss in the review – but what could they be?

The first issue was when she tried to read a complete novel, the second was the issue with its build quality, thirdly is its poor touchscreen technology. However, but the worst thing is its high price – the one thing that could affect sales. For a complete review visit Engadget.

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  • Crystal

    Ok I just came from Best Buy and while I HATE them with a passion it is one of the best stores I have found for electronics with good warranties that can be renewed. The guy told me that the differences between the pan-digital and the nook and kindle is that the way the kindles and nooks are going they are no longer going to have 3g as a feature, they are strictly going to be e-readers for books only. The pan-digital is like a mini tablet. It is basically like a big android phone. Which he says is good because it has internet browsing, you can put movies, and photos and audio on it. The only downside I saw was with the nook or Kindle I believe you can get books from your local library whereas on the pan-digital you cannot. Also the kindle only has 4g's of memory, no upgrades or expansions, pan-digital you can buy the expandable cards to make it hold up to 32gs of memory, which will be a necessity, if you have over 1000 books.

  • Ila

    Can you read the pandigital in bright sunlight?

  • LeeAnn Price

    I am new to the ereaders but my daughter loves her nook. I want to know if snyone would pick the nook much more than pandigital? I found pandigital on sale right now for $139.99 plus $20 in house coupon so I am interested in it.

  • cathy

    I can't deside from 9" pandigital or nook color ??????????

    • T. Hughes

      Nook Color! I have had the Novel for 30 days and its is a great product it just runs exetremely ssssllllooowwww! I have toyed around with the Nook color and I prefer it because it does the same things as the znovel but faster! Good Luck!

  • Christine

    Is it better to get an i-pad instead of a pan-digital?

  • joyce ramsdale

    Where do I go to get a manual or detail to get me up and running ?


  • Dianne

    I can't get on my wifi with Novel. Web site is down and you have to leave a msg with your phone # for them to call back. I did that but no call, can anyone help?

    • Linda

      I can't log onto wifi with my Novel either even if I'm sitting right in front of my router. It didn't work at Barnes and Noble either. I was able ONCE to log on at Caribou, but that's the only time I've been able to get to the internet – and I don't spend a lot of time sitting at Caribou. I've also found that the battery doesn't seem to last very long. so far I haven't tried doing anything with it except load pictures and music.

  • Denise

    has anyone had a problem turning your Novel off?? I tried three times last night and it will shut down but then boots itself back up….Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for your help in advance

  • keho from CA

    Just go got the digital ereader for Chrismtas but can’t sign on to my home wifi. Want am I doing wrong. Called their customer service but off for the holidays. Might be easier to return.

    • Jamie

      If it picked up your site at home, was it secure? Tap on the unlock and it should ask for a password. i had to use my password that was given to me when i got my service. it was my WEP address password. once i put that in it came right up and don't have to use the password anymore. it remembered it.

    • mike

      Download the latest firmware. This is a known issue.

  • Ashley

    i like my novel that i also got today it does alot more stuff u can put pics on it,music,and vidios my mother n law said that she wanted one like mine and she had a kindle that she got for christmas one downside though for sure that i figured out was that the touch screen is a little tricky but i still love it everything has its pros and cons nothing is perfect.. even though i am 24 i grew up when technology was getting better and better by the day so i guess that when i look at stuff like this it amazes me so i just wonder what is next?

  • Tab

    K so I got a nook and a novel for Christmas. Which one should I keep?

    • john smith

      whichever one you are comfortable with

    • Sherri

      Me 2.. I guess I will try both out…

    • Chuck

      I have a bit of experience with the Novel. I would not recommend it.

    • nanapapa10

      Don't wast your time and energy with the Novel. Get the Nook color. It has much better screen quality, better internet capabilities, much faster running speed, Better screen sensitivity. It is just a better product. Trust me! I had a Novel and tyook it back and am delighted with the Nook color.

    • Shannon

      Keep the nook. You can't download magazines on the novel.

  • john smith

    Joanna Stern from Engadget "poor touchscreen quality"? maybe if she took he time to actually "read" she would have realized that when you get the novel it comes with a paper telling you exactly how to use the touch screen. using you fingernail or stylus is the recommended way. read the product instructions first. ive had my novel for a couple weeks and ive had no problem with it.

  • Janice

    I am still very confused as to which of the three I want to purchase…Kindle 3G/WiFi, Pandigital, or Nook.I can get the Pandigital for @ $120 with my 30% off at Kohl's. But I am now thinking the Kindle will be easier to use with the keyboard rather than the touch screen. Can all 3 of these do basically the same thing and can they all do email and search the web with no additional cost? Please help with my purchase decision! Thanks!

    • T. Hughes

      I received a novel for Christmas but I am returning it tomorrow. I like it… it has all the features of the nook color. It just runs extremely slow!!! I am getting the nook color because I want everything I have on the pandigital novel I just would like it to run 90% faster. It does cost more but you get what you pay for. BTW the Kindle does not come in color and doesnt offer the all the features of the novel and nook color. If you just want to use it to read and play a few games its worth it! If you want more go for the Nook Color! (Hope this helped)

    • pally

      my aunt has a kindle – when I was holding it the button to turn the page are on the side and I started turnng pages before I knew it – didnt like it – that is why I am looking at a Nook or Pandigital since both are color and button not on side

  • steve

    Says in faq at their site can’t watch youtube and downloaded android kit at own risk but how to run??

  • reader

    can u watch youtube videos on the Novel

  • annie

    Does anyone know if you can by an adpter for the mini port to take a full size USB (male) so that i can use my internet data card when wi fi is not present??

    • Helper

      I think this should be what you're looking for:

      Even if not ordering off the internet, it should at least give you something to show the folks at Best Buy (or wherever) so they get you what you need!

  • Pat

    Does the Novel read the book (audio) for individuals who no longer are able to read, because of their sight?

    • cindy

      yes it does and I download audio from our public library. You have to download Adobe edit digital first, (which is free) then all you do is click and drag to the pandigital. works great

  • holograham

    i needed a mobile device with WiFi that would actually enable me to leave the house every so often. Mostly at Starbucks, I can now check my email, browse craigslist and enjoy a good book. This has all the capability of all the other e-readers and I-Pads and more.

  • Bob

    The best deal out there–Packed with usable features–the more I usee it the more I like it.
    I can be reading a book one minute and surfing the web the next–It is extremely easy to use once you get past a relatively simple learning curve–This is the future of e-readers.
    Yeah Pandigital–Bob

  • Nick

    I purchased the Pandigital Nolel two days age. At first I had a bit of trouble getting on wifi, but after downloading the updated software, and a call to Pandigital, everything worked great.
    I looked at the Nook, Kindle, Sony and several other readers and for the money the Novel is in my opinion #1. The Novel's color touch screen is responsive and easy to read. The brightness is auto adjust so there is little glare if any. As I go through the booklet I am finding features I did not realize the Novel had, such as dictionary, highlight , and more.
    In my opinion this is having the I Pad at one forth the cost, $159.00 at BJ's. And to top it off, the service from Pandigital was excellent, fast, and easy. I really got to talk to someone I could understand and was knowledgeable. Ask for Josh.
    My only con is when turning a page on the reader the touch screen is a bit unresponsive, but maybe that's a good thing. It can be very annoying when your page turns and your not ready.

    • annie

      I just got mine and I cant get a wifi connection even sitting right in starbucks … frustrated may send back !?