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Gran Turismo 5 Kart Mode: Crucial for game’s success

When we first saw the recent footage of Gran Turismo 5 and its new kart mode, we could not contain our excitement. However, who would have thought that such a mode would be so important to a game. In the past the racing sim has been accused of being too boring, as it was not thrilling enough.

Kart mode is totally different in the way that it adds fun into racing, as driving around the circuit while sliding round the bends becomes an enjoyment. Normally with a Gran Turismo game all the focus is on the attention to detail with graphics, which over time takes your focus away from the gameplay.

Kotaku believes that Polyphony Digital has been more worried more about how a car looks, but gaming has changed since the last time they developed a full version of Gran Turisom. Gamers now want much more from a game, take Blur, they know how popular social media is so have integrated Twitter into the gameplay.

The Kart Mode will be awesome and will come into its own with online multiplayer. Everyone knows that most drivers start off in karting and then work their way up to other formulas, this is because it gives you experience, while at the same time being more forgiving when you make a mistake. Yesterday we showed you some new footage from F1 2010, we mentioned that the graphics looked better than we had seen on Gran Turismo 5, as you would imagine i got roasted for it. See the video footage here and let us know what you think.

Are you excited about the new Kart Mode in Grand Turismo 5?


  • erik

    i want some green turtle shells….lol
    but seriously….. red turtle shells


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