Google Maps for Mobile vs. Facebook Places: Location-sharing

By Peter Chubb - Aug 21, 2010

Facebook Places (How-to-use guide) was launched a couple of days ago now, and already Google has come out and said that they also have a location-sharing service called Google Maps for Mobile. The search engine giant has come out and said that over one million people are using the service each month, but Facebook has more scope with theirs considering they now have over 500 million users.

Ian Paul, from PC World points out that Google never makes a mention of Facebook – well not in name anyway. Paul thinks that the timing of Google’s announcement is very strange, right after the launch of Places.

Do not think that Google is feeling desperate to try and promote something that is not worth it, their Google Maps for Mobile has much more to offer than Places. This is not surprising; they are experts when it comes to maps and satellite technology.

Paul does believe that Google is now feeling the pressure, as Facebook will now be able to offer the service to a wider audience, and we all know that a huge portion of its 500 million users will use the service, which could have an affect on those who currently use Google Maps for Mobile.

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