White iPhone 4, Epic 4G, Droid 2: What’s more wanted?

The white iPhone 4 has been MIA since the launch of the standard black handset, it had been assumed that it would be released at the same time – but things have not worked out like that. There have been numerous reasons why the white version of the fourth-generation smartphone from Apple has been delayed, but we do not want to get into that right now. However, we recently reported that some guy in Canada received his and offered an unboxing video.

The idea of a white smartphone is not a new one, but is certainly one that is growing in popularity. So it is no secret that the white iPhone 4 is one hotly anticipated handset, but what other models would you like to see in this lighter color?

One of the most popular handsets due out is the Samsung Epic 4G, Sprint’s version of the Galaxy S. We already know that there is a white version in Korea; well just the back of it is white really. We reported early this week that a full white version was coming to the worldwide market, but we were not certain on a date.

As for the Motorola Droid 2, there has even been a rumor that there is to be a white version. However, it is not certain if this will be a plain white version or just refers to the R2-D2 limited edition model due for release soon.

These are just three of the most popular smarthones on the market, but what other handset would you like to see get the white treatment?

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  • wendy

    droidX… droid 2 keyboard sucks


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