Sony PSP 2: New Touch Controls and Release Date Hints – Rumor

By Alan Ng - Aug 20, 2010

We have some fresh details on the upcoming Sony PSP 2 now, and possibly the strongest indication that the device is firmly in development at the moment. Sources have revealed that the upcoming device will feature touch controls, located behind the display screen.

According to this report from Eurogamer, a series of unnamed developers have already seen the new handheld in action, adding that Sony are also getting feedback from publishers on the PSP 2 and it’s new form factor.

While the display screen isn’t thought to be coming with touch support, Eurogamer’s sources claim that the back of device will feature some sort of touch pad, which will be controlled by players behind the display screen.

Furthermore, Eurogamer’s sources say the PSP 2 will be out at the end of 2011, although another source states that it could be pushed into 2012 – we hope not.

Will we get a formal announcement at TGS in September? Let us know your thoughts on these exciting rumors. Do you like the idea of a touch pad located at the back or not?

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  • Paddy gillings

    I love the look of the psp go but hate the way it’s download only they should have slightly changed the look keep it slide up but keep it disc operated but not umd as small as the disks maybe but not in those flimsy casings and the disc slot on the psp2 should be like the ps3 and the wii and I say make the psp2 game boxes smaller too as the old games are in tall DVD height cases And they should be red in colour

  • Gonzo

    Damn – I had the idea of having controls on the back ages ago, should've patented it!!!
    It could work – but the proof will be in the playing I guess.

  • it needs 2 nubs, online play and thophies, pretty much some ps3 stuff, some Apps, use it like a phone etc.

  • Arrol

    that would make it a little harder to play o3o