Motorola Droid, Incredible: Android 2.2 Froyo Update – Did you get it?

By Alan Ng - Aug 20, 2010

As most of you will be well aware, August 18th was set to be a significant day for all Motorola Droid and Droid Incredible owners. Verizon were supposed to be pushing out the update to Android 2.2 Froyo, so how many of you received it, and how many didn’t?

Firstly, you should be aware that Verizon later posted a message on Twitter for Droid Incredible owners, stating that the update still wouldn’t be available on that day, but we still received a few messages from users claiming that they had got the update. Then again, they could just have a rooted handset, which is pretty misleading for everyone else.

As for original Droid owners, it looks like you had more success on the 18th, as we received far more feedback from you than the Droid Incredible, stating that you got the notification from Verizon about the Froyo update.

Sadly, not only did Verizon disappoint thousands of Droid Incredible owners with no update, they once again failed to provide a new date for when Froyo would be available.

Let us know your thoughts on this. Did you get the Froyo update on the 18th or not?

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  • kristen r.

    I received the update on Sept 1st. Didn’t take long to install which was nice. I love 2.2 minus the crappy crappy battery life!!!!!!

  • destry

    This is B.S., Waiting for updates on a device that i paid alot for and pay a hefty bill for every month.

  • Travis

    I got 2.2 froyo earlier today on my HTC Incredible and it sucks…all my numbers were deleted and all my apps force close…I would have just stayed with the original Droid OS that came on the Incredible then this crap…if any of you can help me out in some way with figuring this out or how I can get my old OS back please let me know…I’m ready to throw my phone out a window because of this bull****.

  • tony

    Got my incredible update at 6:30 this morning. Took 15 minutes to download. Very excited.

  • Tim Burch

    Still havnt received 2.2 yet for my incredible

  • Pete

    does anyone know if you root your phone will you still get the ota update for the 2.2 FROYO because i rooted my phone for the wireless tethering and it works great but i have not downloaded 2.2 yet just wondering if i will still get the ota update????

  • Randall

    Yeah, I got it. I just bought a Droid 2. I’m done.

  • Tim

    Droid incredible is great, but if froyo makes it better, than why not? No updates here….. still waiting.

  • CourtneyLou

    I haven't gotten mine yet on my Incredible but I agree with kppinetop I don't want it unless it is fully functional.

  • kevy-wevy

    well it is called the droid INCREDIBLE,i guess verizon wants 2.2 to work INCREDIBLY well.

  • verizonsucks

    The hell with Motorola! I have the HTC Incredible and still no froyo!!!

    Yes the Incredible is a great phone without 2.2 BUT I NEED THE FROYO UPDATE because the bluetooth in 2.1 is crippled!!! I can NOT sync my address book and phone numbers to my cars bluetooth system and I need to do that in the worst way. Hell, my 5 year old Trio 700 could sync phone numbers to my in car system but this Hi Tech wonder came crippled.


  • kppinetop

    I agree about the disapointment. althou I dont think I would want it unless it was really ready.

  • Alex

    I have an Incredible and have note yet received the update.

  • Brian

    Got mine on Moto Droid on the 18th. My HTC Incredible still waiting.

  • Andy

    I read on another post: "If you have Advanced Task Killer, Uninstall it." I did that with my Moto Droid and, Bingo – I received the "Update available" notice (after checking for updates). Give it a shot, it has worked for quite a few folks.

  • Snakeman

    does anyone know when this update is supposed to happen for the DInc?? are we talking days… months… I love my DInc, but want Froyo!

  • Old Man

    8/20/2010, 12:55 PM, Los Angeles, CA, USA. No "Incredible" froyo update as of yet. Will stop holding my breath.

  • wifi teather

    Supposedly Motorola has already stated that the original Droid will not be getting WiFi hotspot with froyo because its hardware can not support it.. I’ve got an incredible , still waiting…..

    • Sue

      Well, THAT'S frustrating. Thanks for the heads up. :-/

  • Rumpole

    Wife got the update on her Droid. Nothing on my Incredible

  • Sue

    Alright, played with it a bit, and one thing that I was waiting on seems to be missing! I have the option for USB tethering but NO wifi hotspot option! Anyone know what gives?

    • Sorry to burst your bubble Sue, but the original droid was never to get the wireless hot spot.

  • vatato

    Didn’t get, but it’s not verizon’s fault and incredible w/o froyo is not a bad, I love my my incredible w/o froyo too:-)

  • Jack

    Anybody having calendar issues since 2.2 upgrade???

  • Jack Wade

    My original droid upgraded itself to froyo, today, the 20th.

  • Dave

    Wife Motorola Droid updated last night… nothing for my HTC Incredible

  • Locomotive13

    I was tired of waiting so I downloaded it myself along with the Flash player. The update is cool, giving me 5 screens adn a few other upgrades. Now that I have it I am a bit let down.

  • radicalrhett

    I have the Moto Droid and received the update yesterday evening.

  • Sue

    Got it for my Moto Droid about 7 hours ago. Download and install went smooth. Still need to take some time to play with the updated/new features, and see if it's as good as everyone claims it is.

  • al

    Got mine last night love the update! Can’t seem to relocate the video tutorial. It was great!!!

  • Michael Azzaro

    I received a huge update to my phone this morning @ 0615. Other than what I see on home screen, I have no idea what this update did or will do for me.

    I am on my 4th droid replacement, under warranty, from verizon, so far not happy with the phone, according to some sales people I am the only person on the planet that has had……microphone/speaker/programming issues with the droid. Thank god for online forums and a very smart instore tech who wouldn’t lie to me. Will never buy one again. I am hoping this update will give me some peace-of-mind.

  • TK27

    incredible user here..still waiting on mine..but I think my friend who has an incredible got his late last night

  • rocki

    I JUST got the update. Try restarting your phone and taking out the battery. Worked for my droid.

  • ster

    i just got my update original Droid owner but no flash can any one help

  • daryl

    I just relieved a coworker with droid and he got it. Does anyone know when i should expect it for droid x?

    • guest

      early september for droid x

  • aloha2010

    Got my update last night now GPS navigation doesn’t work. Anyone have that problem or know what to do to fix?

  • Paul

    Just got my update as I was reading this article. Woohoo!

  • Va jayjay

    I received mine a while ago its awesome still wanna know what other big difference on it.

  • Jenni

    I got 2.2 on Aug. 4th. But apparently I was part of the 10,000 customers that got it while it had glitches. My camera can't accept pictures anymore and I was also promised a software upgrade on the 18th to fix everything, but nothing.

  • Jennifer

    My husband and I both got ours. Very cool. Very happy with Droid and Verizon!

  • smax

    Got my update this afternoon and am figuring out some of the new features…but now incoming calls from some of my contacts aren’t ringing..only vibrating. I’ve checked all the settings and can’t figure out what’s going on. I’ve restarted too, to no avail…no ringy-dingy. Any ideas anyone with the Droid?

  • Billy Mays

    I just got my Incredible and was waiting for the 2.2 froyo. Just have to wait a bit longer then…

  • jim

    forced to have twitter…changed everything…jammed down our throats,,5 guys at work having trouble from dim screen to no messaging.Amazon MP3 on all phones now.. cannot uninstall.put all voice notes on mp3 music..the list goes on..browser on face screen..cannot move..

  • Steve B

    Zeta4, How or where do you get flash for manual install ??? And no I haven't gotten my OTA update yet, I did a manual update yesterday. Is FRG01b the latest build for Froyo for D1 because that was all I could find.

  • nicole

    i just got my update a half an hour ago. i don't really like this new version. i liked sliding the menu out; the new menu/phone/browser button makes the screen look crowded. i dont like how the messaging looks now either. it's so big and blocky, the old messaging looked sleek. i wish i didnt do this update :l

  • Wings

    I downloaded it.. And my phone hasn't worked since. It just freezes on the "Relaunch Me" screen. You can still scroll through pages and click on things (None of which work). I cant call anyone, or even open my text message program. Everything just force closes on me. Has this happened to anyone else?

  • george

    got it

  • Dai

    Last night (Aug 18) I checked for updates, nothing. This morning (Aug 19), checked for updates when I woke up and there it was downloaded and ready to go. Forgot to charge overnight, so plugged the charger in and hit install. The update took less than 5 minutes, including the first boot-up after the update, and went flawlessly. No borked apps, great performance improvements, all-around flawless update. I'm a happy Droid customer. 🙂

  • i

    I downloaded it and my phone worked better before. Some of my vidoes on real player don’t work now even after I reinstalled it. Seems like my phone has glitches now

  • droid user

    just got it!

  • andy

    Got it for my Droid today, but without flash or hotspot capability, who cares? Now I have two extra desktop screens and can switch between 8 apps instead of 6. Big deal.

    • jeromeo

      It is faster my impatient friend. the gui, the browser…it is all swifter. nobody said 2.2 would turn your phone in to a whole new device.

  • Casie Johnson

    I just received the update for my moto Droid about 5 mins ago! Not sure what its supposed to do but I got it! Just a day lates I guess but I can’t be mad because I was unaware it was coming out until it was pushed to my phone! Thurs. 8/19

  • shvaew

    I got mine. I need to figure out a few changes with this new version.

  • Dee

    I received the update for my Droid about mid-afternoon on August 19.

  • tbright

    I got it last night, after turning my phone off and back on. I am sadly disappointed! I thought we would have flash player?? Also how do you become “rooted”? I want wireless tether and can’t get it because I’m not “rooted”!

  • sara

    I don’t know what update I received today. When I did dwld it screwed up my aps.

  • stickmann7

    I agree w/Josh. . .The Incredible is truly Incredible even w/2.1 it's an awesome phone. . .having 2.2 when it comes will be icing on the cake or should I say froyo on the cake!!!

  • Zeta4

    Gave up last night and manually updated my Droid to 2.2. Wife got hers the day prior. Manually installed Flash today as well and appears to work on atleast one flash enabled site I checked. Lost patience with Verizon and listening to everyone else who had the update. Very happy with the majority features in this upgrade. Specifically the auto switch to/from speaker when cradling the phone in the car dock is nice.

  • Michael B.

    I got my push before Aug. 18


    It is out there guys, got my froyo about 5:00 p.m EST. ITS TIGHT

  • Moto-Droid user

    Just got off the phone with Verizon, upgrades will be spanned out over the next few days. All users will not receive the update today…..

  • Josh

    ..Verizon never said anything about the 18th.. that was just a mshables lie. Dont try and blame verizon for this.. its not even a big deal anways the incredible is a good enough phone w/o 2.2, itll just be a bonus when it does come out.

    • Jesse

      Shut up

  • Sean S.

    I'm typing this on my still-froyo-less Incredible. This is like waiting for Christmas, man!

  • Missy

    Scratch that! I checked for updates and nothing was there. I turned the phone off and then back on and checked for updates and there it was! 😀

    • Deb

      thanks. That is just waht I needed to do.



  • Missy

    Sure didn't. I'm really disappointed, too.

  • Jim

    Still waiting for the update!!!!! WTF

    • Mike

      seriously WTF!!!! I never got it.

  • John

    my moto android received the 2.2 update last night. I installed this morning and everything OK. Aug 19, 2010

  • Moto-Droid user

    8/19/2010: My wife and i both have Motorola droids. I did NOT receive the update but her phone did……. Under "settings" "about phone" and "check for updates" my droid says i am up to date, but obviously this is incorrect. Not sure what happened….

    • moto-girl

      Same here. Co-worker got it, I didn’t!

    • Juston B

      Hi original moto droid owner at the stroke of midnight 08/20 I looked @ my phone and I saw a window advising me I would be installing an update and wouldn’t be able to make, receive, any calls including emergency and that the phone would download, install, & restart needless to say I knew it was exactly what I’d been waiting months to receive took maybe 5-7 minutes and finally I got the update point being I was doing the same thing you were checking under system updates Motorola and adobe websites but when you receive it if not already that will be the manner in which it comes. Also I’m way down here in Alabama IDK the chain of order the update was carried out But if I would think I’d be closer to last so hopefully you’ll receive yours soon