Mass Effect 2 for Sony PS3: Free DLC or exclusive content?

We learned a few days back that Mass Effect 2 was coming to the Sony PS3, and although PlayStation 3 owners were happy, it seems to have raised more questions than answers. The biggest question asked was why the original game was not coming to Sony’s game console?

Errol Burke-Horner from BITMOB thought that this deserved a closer look, as he had first thought that it was all to do with Microsoft being the publisher of the first Mass Effect game. However, it seems that there is more to this than he thought.

One reason could be that the first game was not as good as had been led to believe, finding that he grew impatience with it within the first 60 minutes. Maybe this could be the reason why Sony decided to go directly to Mass Effect 2 instead?

It is not all rosy for PS3 owners though; porting a character from Xbox is always going to have its issues, so the developer will need to offer a few incentives to keep things fresh. Two things that Burke-Horner suggests are free DLC or exclusive content. What would you like to see from Mass Effect 2 on the PS3? According to Alan Ng, Bioware boss confirmed that downloadable content will be coming, but we are uncertain if this will be free.

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  • unkown

    I would like all the cerberus network exclusives for free and for there to be no cerberus network

  • Errol

    Just saw you mentioned my article from Bitmob. Thanks

  • ScottyDoo

    It takes you 60 Hours to finished ME1? I finish it in 20-25 and that includes everything (plus DLC)

  • CaesarNuts20

    Why buy an 360 when I have a PC I can play ME1 on that. Just to add at this point theres not alot of point to buy a 360 when the value is way down with the limited amount of exclusive games they have left compared to the PS3. IMO

  • RG Jeremy

    Um… Great journalism? The first game was awesome. The only reason PS3 isn't getting a port is because ME1 was *published* by Microsoft. Microsoft won't–and shouldn't–allow a game they published to port to their rival. Sony wouldn't either.

    After ME1, the developer, BioWare, was bought by EA. EA is now the publisher for any and all following ME universe content, and they therefore can choose to distribute on PS3 if they want… Kinda dumb given that PS3 can never have the first chapter of a very story-driven game, but whatever.

    If you are a PS3 fan and intend to play ME2 on the PS3, do yourself a favor. Find a friend who has an Xbox 360–or better yet, buy one yourself–and play ME1. It is an amazing game. The second game has better controls, but the music and story are like The Empire Strikes Back compared to Episode IV. More importantly, many, many of the things you can choose to do–or not do in ME1 impact ME2. So much of what happens in the second game is enriched by the first.

    • That one guy

      You are right… the 360 can probably run for about 60 hours before it gets bricked. That’s plenty of time for me to play ME1. But I don’t think I want to dish out 300 dollars for that.

  • Skaijo

    Forget both those options. There's no point playing an intricate game such as Mass Effect 2 without having any clue that happened in the first 60 hours of game play. Pass.

  • Ass Clown

    exclusive content is the only way sony can have any bragging rights. therefore exclusive content is probably the better choice. most people are prepared to buy decent content.

  • ShadowEXP

    Do not give them free or exclusive dlc. Correct me if i am wrong but have they done this for 360. Give a exclusive game for ps3 and let 360 have it.

    • Rolltide101x

      Sony has rights to alot of their exclusives so sorry. You shudve made a better console choice =D

    • Asinine

      Then how would Bioware or EA moreover sell the game to PS3 owners. A year late port never sells so it's only logical for the devs to give the PS3 owners either exclusive content or Free DLC to tell them "buy our game we know it's old and full priced and if you ever decided to buy another console you can get it cheaper".

  • Ruben

    extra missions would be nice, also some ps3 exclusive crew members would be great too, or new planets te discover, and i prefer it to be free offcourse 🙂 but i'm sure bioware will come up with someting great.

  • matt

    If someone said "give me a fiver and you will get content that xbox owners don't get, isn't that awesome" I would say "no, what's the point in that? Why do I care?" Free DLC please.


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