Gran Turismo 5: Fresh Gamescom Announcements

By Jamie Pert - Aug 22, 2010

November 2nd is a date that all GT5 fans have in their diaries, with the release date drawing nearer and nearer we have some exciting new information. Gamescom is now underway, a lot of new details have been released about the game including career, garage, and lounge info and even a course maker and kart racing details!

All sounds tasty huh?

Single Player Career Mode that covers both A and B-Spec is the driving force behind the game.

A-Spec lets you be the driver and lets your skills decide where you stand on the grid and where you end up.

B-Spec puts you in the role of Team Director, and it’s your job to study what is going on around you and play to your drivers strengths to come out on top, which will help the driver develop into a top-tier driver.

The Virtual Garage will be the place where you can keep and own over 1000 intricately detailed cars. It will be the home of your vehicles, complete with an easy-to-use category tool.

The Lounge puts the players sense of spending a day at the track being both seemless and exciting. GT5 has revamped this system for online playability. I’m sure you will be impressed with this.

GT5’s Course Maker is inspired by GT’s 70 track variations to allow you to generate a super-course to your tailored needs.

Kart Racing is a tutorial based feature that lets you first time drivers discover and learn the ropes to become the super driver you’d hope to be. Even if you fancy messing around, this would be the place where you can experience playground style racing to your hearts content.

Looks impressive! More screenshots and info can be found via the source below. Are you excited for GT5?

Source: PlayStation Blog

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