Facebook Scam: Justin Bieber fans targeted

By Gary Johnson - Aug 20, 2010

A new Facebook scam that is targeting Justin Bieber fans with the offer of free concert tickets has been discovered, and is spreading virally through the status updates of users.

Lauren Indvik of Mashable is reporting that many of the stars young fans will be desperate to get their hands on concert tickets to see him, but will be actually signing up to a premium rate mobile phone service.

Users are faced with the status message that reads “WOW! Justin Bieber Is Giving Away Free Concert Tickets Now!” this is followed with a bit.ly link to a false Facebook application that when installed puts the same message on the user’s Facebook status.

A post is then put on the person’s wall saying that the user “just snagged 4 free tickets to see Justin Bieber! Justin Bieber World Tour” under the headline “Justin Bieber Free Concert Ticket Giveaway!” Users who then continue with the application are then asked to enter their mobile phone number and check an agreement to enter a contest for £50,000.

But in entering this contest what it really does is to con users into subscribing to the mobile phone service which costs £4.50 per week. As a lot of Justin Bieber’s are young they may not be so aware of these types of scam.

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