F1 2010 Graphics Surpasses Gran Turismo 5

By Peter Chubb - Aug 20, 2010

It is no secret that Gran Turismo 5 has been in the development stage since the release of the Sony PS3, so it comes as a shock to me to learn that the graphics on Codemasters’ F1 2010 surpasses what is meant to be the ultimate driving sim.

For those who do not believe me, then check out the video below of some new F1 2010 footage of what it is like to drive in wet conditions. Chris Shunk from Autoblog believes that the graphics in this new game is even better than DiRT 3, which we know is just awesome.

F1 2010 is due to be released next month, and it is no secret that I will be up early that day to get my hands on the new title. I have waited years for this new version, just a pity it will be just a couple of months before the end of the 2010 Formula 1 season – please let Lewis Hamilton or Jenson Button win.

While looking at the gameplay footage below, you will notice how lifelike it all is, and this will only look better once played on my Full HD LED TV. The footage is from the inside of a Mercedes F1 car, and you sit right behind the tail of Hamilton.

In celebration of Gran Turismo 5, Sony is to release a limited edition PS3 Slim, more details here. Do you think the graphics on F1 2010 is better than Gran Turismo 5?

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  • lsv

    I have both. F1 2010 destroys GT5 in terms of graphics. I don't care about laundry lists of numbers (1080/720p, 60/30 fps); the actual difference between the two is undeniable when you're sitting in front of the screen and playing them.

  • rustakular

    No russ, your a retard. There are LCD tv's with LED backlighting. HUGE difference.

  • Ben

    F1 2010 on the Xbox was one of the worst games of this year. And the graphics are appalling with a shocking drops in frame rate. If GT5 looks and plays worse my PS3 will be on Ebay by tomorrow evening.

  • russ

    Raskol you are clearly a retard. YES there are such things as LED tv’s.

  • Christophe

    Is this a joke???
    The graphics on the F1 game are okay, nothing more.
    But it's not even close to the GT5 (prologue) or Dirt 2.
    Forza 3 also looks way better.

    The weather system in F1 is great but it doesn't mean the graphics are better.
    Just see for yourself first, don't thrust articles like this it's complete nonsense!

  • raskol

    There's no such thing as and LED TV. Did Best Buy tell you you have an LED TV?

  • shwank

    180 MPH and the water beads on the helmet does not even move back.. all it does is "shake" in front of the screen LOL.

  • Bennyboy

    y is everyone so angry? of course a game tht has been developed for years is going to look better, but theirs no need to get angry. everyone is entitled to an opinion. personally i dont really care about what frame rate a game runs at or whatever as long as its fun to play and looks good. some people will like gt5 some will like f1 lets not argue about it its pathetic, its like when ppl argue over ps3 is better than xbox, who cares every one can do what they want and you do what you want. As an F1 fan i will be buying f1 2010 purely because i dont really care about all the other types of cars in gt5 but thats my opinion dont shoot me down and call me an idiot for it.

  • Nav

    GT5 will be way better and more fun. This game is gonna get boring fast because there is only one type of racing, while GT5 has close to a 1000 cars and different types of racing

  • Shz

    Its obviously easy to make it better looking only in the rain in cockpit view, what about without rain, normal conditions and overall view of the game engine? Probabaly looks mediocre!

  • Axcalay

    Textures look kind of flat to me.

  • Byron

    BAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA, this is NOT better than GT5, but thanks for coming out!

  • Neil

    PC Version of F1 2010 will be better looking, no question. Full HD DX11.
    F1 2010 will be the best looking game, console or PC.

  • sklaas

    any money this vid is from the PC Version in all of its Direct X 11 goodness. The console versions of F1 2010 won't look anywhere like this.

  • Jason

    When comparing Codies F1 and GT5, I must say I find the graphics better in GT5. But F1 is still very good, not just as good as this review says.

  • danielwhite74

    I'm sorry, but you can't tell how good a game's graphics are by watching a fuzzy Youtube video. Codemasters' F1 game will look nowhere near as good as this:

  • WTF!!!


    The reason? NO.

  • hankypank

    WTF are you talking about!!? Dirt3????
    Leave the games journalism to games journalists you idiot. Stop embarrising yourself.

  • zdsfdgdsg

    Thank you Peter Chubb for this PATHETIC article. Codemasters games always run at what framerate? 30. Gran Turismo 5? 60.
    Ok then. You suck.

  • brian

    Be more objective please, it's not that hard to see the HUGE difference between GT5 and F1 2010. Just look at this video from Gamescom 2009 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoyJqqg9i58
    You want to say that that's not lifelike? And it's even off-screen.

    GT5 runs in 1080p with 60 frames per second, and it's still the best looking driving game ever.

  • Palle Redknapp

    Well it’s easy to say everyone who says GT5 is better is just hyped up and not deep into their gaming.

    As brilliant as GT5 is I have to say some points are correct, like how it is harder to make cars of different types to 1.

    Honestly on the term of F1, this game has got better looking graphics on the formula 1 scale. GT5 aren’t licensed and won’t bother with F1, only except for the F1 car we saw on Prologue, but even that’s not as good as the F1 cars on this game.

    Unfair to PD because they haven’t been focused on F1 because of WRC and NASCAR. If the went into F1 close-up. I’m sure they’d easily do a better job.

    Just in short terms, codies have focused on something that PD haven’t so I easily have to say codies wins on F1. As for rally, NASCAR, touring, go-karts and whatever else… GT5 wins hands down!

  • Lukewill783

    What annoys me, is people saying gt5 has rally, f1 and so on. have you forgot, F1 2010 IS A FORMULA ONE GAME, so that means there is only formula one.

  • sorry GT5 Still Looks Better but F1 looks very good aswel

  • MHF

    I just watched it in 720p and I'm not really impressed. It's missing a bunch of little details that would make it better. Example – the hands stay in the same position for the entire race, as do the water droplets on the screen. Also, it looks grainy, which could just be the resolution not matching up with my computer monitor somehow.

  • Yeh right


  • Peter Chubb

    Sorry, i forgot to embed the video. I have now added the video for you to view. Thanks.

    • ade3210

      still think your a fanboy, GT5 looks better. F1 will be good, but GT5 sets the benchmark.


    where is the VIDEO?

  • fredrick

    sounds like a fanboy article. F1201 isn't in 1080p so is bound to have certain visual/post production effects that will give it an edge. Besides, GT5 isn't an F1 game, It's a driving simulator which covers F1, Rally, racing and karting.

  • fumk

    I think its a far stretch to say its no better than F1 CE!! I'm more interested of the in-game footage of Dirt3 that you've compared it against???

  • ciaran

    GT5 looks better in my view.

  • Hoodie1878

    To be honest the new F1 game is not that better than the Championship Edition graphics wise.

    And as for a comparison against GT5? Have you seen the new Gamescom build of GT5? Wipes the floor with any racing game ever. Also, we are yet to see the weather implementation in GT5, so a fair comparison cannot yet be made but I know who I'll have my money on.

    Having said that I love F1 and hope it receives favourable reviews.

  • Mark

    Hype. Nobody knows the PS3 better than Polyphonic. GT5 will rule. No doubt about it.

  • MJ

    Bollocks! GT5 will blow this out of the water

  • Barry Dickinson

    Where is the video footage you talk about in the article?

    • jwiner

      its on the bottom of the previous page

  • GtForce

    It's much easier to make superb graphics for one genre of motorsport(F1), as opposed to multiple (karting, touring, F1, rallying, endurance, road cars) . And guess which game does more than 1 genre? Yep, GT5. And it still manages to look better than just about everything else out there….

  • j1324

    Where is the video on board the mclaren showing rain?

  • Narjeet Singh

    No GT5 previews by ign, euro gamer, video gamer ect have all stated GT5 is the greatest driving game and the best looking driving game ever made, most also say how can the GT5 team ever top it with GT6, im a big F1 fan but GT5 has been in production since the PS3 launched if it didnt top all games on graphics it would of been cancelled