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BlackBerry Bold 9700: RIM’s OS 6 Runs Fast – Video

I own a BlackBerry Bold 9700, therefore I am intrigued to see how the latest version of RIM’s BlackBerry OS will run, luckily for me and thousands of other 9700 owners a video showing the smartphone running OS 6.0 has recently shown up on BGR.

The video has been embedded below, I was pleasantly surprised as I had been led to believe that OS 6.0 was slow and laggy on the 9700, this video shows a snappy web browser and quick switching between applications.

The new native web browser looks great, sites seem to load very quickly and there are new features and enhancements which look to make web browsing on the 9700 an even more enjoyable experience than before.

The new camera software looks great, 9700 users running OS 6.0 will get face detection which I’m sure will prove to be a popular addition.

After watching the video I can’t wait for OS 6.0 to launch for the Bold 9700, can you?

Source: BGR



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