BlackBerry Bold 9700: RIM’s OS 6 Runs Fast – Video

By Jamie Pert - Aug 22, 2010

I own a BlackBerry Bold 9700, therefore I am intrigued to see how the latest version of RIM’s BlackBerry OS will run, luckily for me and thousands of other 9700 owners a video showing the smartphone running OS 6.0 has recently shown up on BGR.

The video has been embedded below, I was pleasantly surprised as I had been led to believe that OS 6.0 was slow and laggy on the 9700, this video shows a snappy web browser and quick switching between applications.

The new native web browser looks great, sites seem to load very quickly and there are new features and enhancements which look to make web browsing on the 9700 an even more enjoyable experience than before.

The new camera software looks great, 9700 users running OS 6.0 will get face detection which I’m sure will prove to be a popular addition.

After watching the video I can’t wait for OS 6.0 to launch for the Bold 9700, can you?

Source: BGR

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  • Diane A.

    I installed 6.0 on my Bold 9700 two nights ago. It drags, especially in the browser and that's when I can actually get the browser to load any webpage. I love the interface but I can't handle sitting there waiting 10 mins for the browser to actually do something or the phone to stop giving me the hourglass every 15mins like its doing something. And going to Tmobile's site and Blackberry's site was useless. Nothing to help with these issues. Sorry. I'm going back to 5.0 today.

  • Andy

    I put it on my 9700 and found it slow. I would get the clock when trying to view a picture received via BBM, and it would be there for well over 30 seconds making the phone useless. It also happens randomly for no reason like when i go to make a phone call, when i start typing a name it just hangs and the little clock appears ticking and telling me to wait…. I also don't like the navigation bar as i often accidentally flip to favourites or media or whatever. I liked the old way in v5.0 the best. I do like the new camera and also other integrated features. But for me, the annoying navigation bar and frequent freezing was enough for me to go back to v5.0

  • anne

    My wap browser won’t work. I installed this os. Any ideas coz wap is cheaper than monthly BIS.?!?

  • assad

    where can we get a copy???

    • Search for it on Pirate Bay – If you do not know what that is I suggest waiting for the official OS6 release.

  • Miguel

    I've installed OS 6 in my Tmo Bold 9700 and it's running smooth an easy. It's like having an entirely new phone!

  • yil

    It runs slow after a while and opens bbm contacts pictures really slow. Witch is kind of anoing at some time because it keeps you from doing any kind of action on you bb, while pictures load.

  • Sanjay

    Following up to my earlier post, the new update is AWESOME. The BB going into the restart cycle has also gone away. Its fast and great UI.

  • Dara

    Just upgraded my 9700 to an feels like am using a different fone entirely..the graphic user interface (GUI) is out of this world!..the only problem tho is that I am experiencing memory leak!..which makes the fone slow when am down to 0.0MB

  • The WiZ

    Hello, I have managed to install on my bb 9700 the leaked os without any problems! I updated the blackberry desktop managed to 6 and remover the installed firmware 5.0 from the pc, then I installed os onto my pc, deleted the vendor file and plugged the bb to the pc and the installation went ahead without any problems!!! I have now been playing with my bb9700 for 48 hours straight without having found any bugs or glitches. I would recommend the update to everyone but as it’s a leaked version is still unofficial and all updates are done at your own risk!

  • oinker

    does anyone know when this will be made available for the 9700?

    • Nick

      Yes, it will be available to carriers late september/early october, but will be released to consumers at their discretion.

  • BazRat

    How can you tell that this is not the 9780 that's meant to be coming out soon???

    • donkeydik

      silver round the outside and not black.

  • John mccarthy

    When is it getting out ?

  • mike

    sweet! i really wanted this and was led to believe that it wouldn't work on my bold. with proof that it can, i can't wait to install this in my phone.

  • D.A.B.

    Leak It! ='(

  • Ryan

    When is this released?

  • barry

    Hmm. The web browser showed cnn with print too small to read. What happens when you zoom for readable type? does it render it to keep it from running off the sides?

    • Terrance

      no it doesnt :/

  • D.A.B.

    Can't wait, x). That OS looks great. I'm so excited to test it on my phone.