Verizon iPhone: Trouble for Google Android?

By Alan Ng - Aug 19, 2010

We all know the Verizon iPhone is coming, it just seems a matter of when for Apple and Verizon. We have found an interesting article for you to read now, which suggests that the release of the iPhone on Verizon could spell the end for Google’s Android.

That article comes to us courtesy of ZDnet, who believe that Android may struggle to keep up with their current success in the market, if the iPhone lands on Verizon.

While Motorola’s collection of Android handsets on Verizon are performing well, Google know that most Verizon fans are holding out for an iPhone, backed up by a recent survey here.

Zdnet bring up the interesting point of the iPhone being on a carrier that consumers actually like, and not being forced to sign with another due to iPhone exclusivity. It is no secret that Verizon remains more popular than AT&T, so would an iPhone on Verizon spell doom for Android?

Read the full article over at Zdnet and let us know if you have anything to share on this debate.

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