PS3 Jailbroken: Hack Allows Modded Homebrew and Copied Games

By Jamie Pert - Aug 19, 2010

Remember the times when you could successfully mod and hack your old PS2 and original Xbox systems without woe? Those days seem to be pretty much long gone — but a new PS3 Jailbreak seems to allow gamers back into the world of copied and illegal games, plus all sorts of other mods and custom features.

The hack uses the PS3’s USB connection, therefore avoiding any warranty or installation issues. The hack is also said to work on older systems plus the new PS3 slim models.

The process is pretty simple. Just plug in the device and follow the on screen instructions. As soon as this is done, you will be able to dump PS3 images on your HDD and play them without having to use the original disc.

Sony have been made aware of the device, and although it currently works on the 3.41 firmware, they are trying to find ways to disable it in the next batch of firmware updates.

You can even use your very own homebrew applications by using this device.

However illegal this may seem, the PS Jailbreak does have some legitimate uses. Such as backing up your own (paid for) games, and dumping them on the HDD so not to damage the discs.

If you are in doubt as to whether this device works, we have posted a video below to prove that it does. Check it out below.

What is your opinion on the PS Jailbreak USB device?

Source: Ars Technica

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  • Joker21

    nice job! suck on that, Sony!

  • ps3paul

    Yeah abit pricey for my wallet at mo. After reading quite a few post on this new stick sounds like your risking a permanent ID or ip bann from PSN….
    I im very interested in back up my old games to stop the kids scratching the disks but im sure sony will squash any modification with firmware updates………….

  • jose

    We should wait before paying for the expensive little thing. Maybe we could download the modchip software and copy it on any other pendrive