Orange UK: Are You Having ‘Data Service’ Issues?

By Jamie Pert - Aug 20, 2010

Orange UK have revealed that its mobile network have been experiencing some problems over the past 24 hours, with users unable to connect to Orange’s data services.

The network provider also say that the problem still exists and a fix is not expected to be put into action just yet.

The problem started yesterday when Orange users tried to connect to the data services and were unable to.

Voice remained to be faultless, but for those of you wanting to BBM, use Facebook, Twitter or check RSS Feeds and alike, you were either reduced to extremely slow network speeds or nothing at all.

Orange customers who are still having issues are urged to call 150 (pay monthly), 345 (business) or 450 (PAYG). Although Orange do not promise any sort of refunds, a few customers have been offered token credit to make up for down time.

Do you think Orange should put some sort of ‘network status’ on their website that would make it easier for us to know whether the network was up or not? Are you still experiencing issues?

Source: The Register

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  • Kevin

    Guys calm down!! Orange has not done this deliberately, its a big company and things like this happens, give them some time M sure they will not let their customers feel bad about whatever everyone is experiencing,,,,, BTW I used to work with Orange.. lolzzzzzzzzzzc

  • Andy

    Same problem here. Things go wrong now and then I guess. When your car breaks down you don't try to claim from Ford, right?

    I'm sure we'll survive without Facebook or email for a couple of days lol

  • Jonathan

    I've had problems since about 3:30 on Wednesday.

    I only joined Orange on Monday and the support has been utterly lamentable. Their official Twitter presence (@conorfromorange) has made a half-hearted attempt to keep the public informed which is more than can be said for the call centre staff. When I called I was kept on hold for 30 minutes and was then told that there wasn't a problem.

    Only after I got a bit stroppy with the phone pig, was I asked to reset my phone several times despite the problem clearly being with their network and not my brand-new handset.

    If this problem is not sorted by Saturday the headline of the next Orange-based news story will be "Disgruntled Orange Customer Inserts Iphone Into Salesperson, Was Entirely Justified".

  • gloria

    i`ve had problems too,the operator yesterday told me it would last 4 days but now i`m reading that they dont know when it`s going to be fixed.its bloody disgusting,they didnt told us.

  • Sally

    Yes am having problems – I live in Spain but use my UK registered Blackberry on the Orange network – no communication here either. Relieved to know it is not a local problem though

  • PissedoffOrangeuser

    Check with trading standards and CISAS – they're the ones to check. Its bloody disgusting that they havent notified us at all!

  • CdV

    If you bought a train ticket from Paddington to Cheltenham and they dropped you in Swindon, you'd expect compensation. I paid for a tariff which included voice and data coverage, and I'm patchy on both (no data today). I expect compensation but clearly Orange see it differently.

  • Andrew sheerin

    I hate orange

    you have ruined my life