Orange UK: Are You Having ‘Data Service’ Issues?

Orange UK have revealed that its mobile network have been experiencing some problems over the past 24 hours, with users unable to connect to Orange’s data services.

The network provider also say that the problem still exists and a fix is not expected to be put into action just yet.

The problem started yesterday when Orange users tried to connect to the data services and were unable to.

Voice remained to be faultless, but for those of you wanting to BBM, use Facebook, Twitter or check RSS Feeds and alike, you were either reduced to extremely slow network speeds or nothing at all.

Orange customers who are still having issues are urged to call 150 (pay monthly), 345 (business) or 450 (PAYG). Although Orange do not promise any sort of refunds, a few customers have been offered token credit to make up for down time.

Do you think Orange should put some sort of ‘network status’ on their website that would make it easier for us to know whether the network was up or not? Are you still experiencing issues?

Source: The Register



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