Nokia N9: First Look Photos Shows Meego and QWERTY Keyboard

By Jamie Pert - Aug 19, 2010

This time last year Nokia were in my opinion lagging behind in the smartphone market, however it looks as if they are finally getting the idea of what high-end consumers want, this is evident in the photos and specifications for another QWERTY slider the Nokia N9.

Let’s start with the great news (in my opinion), the Nokia N9 runs Nokia’s new operating system, Meego, I have never been a fan of Symbian, and although I have no hands-on experience with Symbian^3 I doubt that it is really comparable to Android, BlackBerry OS or iOS.

We have embedded a couple of photos of the N9 below, the best way to describe it is as a cross between the Nokia N8 and the Nokia 97, specs aren’t known, however the touchscreen display looks pretty crisp compared to previous Nokia smartphones we have seen.

It is thought that Nokia will soon officially announce the N9, hopefully then we will be able to reveal some impressive specs, which could perhaps make this device a player in the impressive high-end smartphone market.

Do you think the Meego operating system will be more impressive than Symbian^3?

Source: SlashGear

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  • arthur baba

    Apple has issues with the iPhone 4 and took a long time to add some basic smartphone functionality (cut/paste, multi-tasking, video recording, Video calling, video editing etc.) to the iPhone that Symbian has had for several years.

    RIM has had a weak web browsing experience and ugly interface for years

    Google's Android devices have several versions of its Android OS with a rather disjointed user experience, software incompatibilities and common force stop/memory low errors with software

    Palm has a wonderful OS with ugly, underpowered hardware

    Microsoft sadly just gave up on the smartphone market for a year to work on Windows Phone 7 even though Winmobile was more advanced than iOS and Android.

    What makes them better than Symbian?

    Symbian and Winmobile are the only mobile operating systems that I've mentioned that do REAL MULTITTASKING. Symbian has had video calling over 3G, the best battery life, Video recording, Video Editing on device, etc. and Nokia's FREE GPS Navigation works in offline mode so it doesn't use up your mobile data unlike Google Maps.

    So really, What makes them better than Symbian???

  • Sumyung Gai

    It looks awful :()

  • guest

    Wow… that looks like a bad casio black and white planner pda from the 90's

    • Anon

      That's not "bad", it's "Retro" 😉

  • just some dude

    It mite be more impressive than Symbian, but it stands no chance against Android.

  • JudaZ

    Symbian^3 can handle its self great against icrap for sure… and current android as well . .but android is actuallt doing interesting stuff so that might change with later versions.