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Nokia C7 Video Preview Ahead of Release Announcement

Yesterday Jamie Pert reported that Nokia had still not officially announced the C7, but that did not stop a new photo making its way onto the Internet. Things have started to heat up now, as a video preview ahead of a Nokia announcement about when the handset will be released has now been made available, which you can see for yourself below.

There are two videos to watch below, the first is a look at the hardware, and the second is details on the software. Thomas Ricker from Engadget explains that both videos were provided by, and as you would imagine gives us much more to go on rather than a photo.

So what can we tell you from the videos, which Engadget has translated for those of us who do not speak Chinese? Firstly we know that the Nokia C7 will come with a 2.5-inch screen, which we already knew yesterday, but also the fact that it comes with stereo speakers.

The preview also shows that the handset can handle 720p H.264 video file at a rat of 2.7Mbps. Watch the preview now and see how well the handset handles.


  • jeannie

    oooh did i spot a smiley icon in there? coool 🙂 looks impressive


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