Most Famous Cars: What’s yours?

There are those movies that you end up leaving the cinema thinking more about the car than the actors or the movie itself, this is also the same with certain TV shows as well. If I were to ask you what are the most famous cars? I am certain that most of us will all have the same ideas.

Lets us talk about TV shows, KITT from Knight Rider has to be the ultimate for me. When I was a child I thought that the car stole the show and would have done anything to have one.

However, now that I am older I know that a car being able to do over 300mph on the streets is a little far fetched, and as for the new version of the show – lets not get started on that one.

A car from the movies is a tougher one, as there are a few on my shortlist. Firstly we have the VW Beetle from the Herbie movies, and then we have the Ectomobile from “Ghostbusters.” However, I think that the DeLorean from the “Back to the Future” movies has to be the best from the bunch. Come on, this car could actually fly.

What is your favorite car from the movies or TV?


  • Randy

    The Bandit 77' Trans am from Smokey and the Bandit without a doubt!!!!

  • jim

    how about steve mcqueens mustang or the dodge charger, there is john milner yellow duce and the black 55 chevy. how about the 66 chevy or yellow dodge charger from crazy larry and dirty mary,

  • Bob

    For pure class it would be hard to beat the Jagaur XK-120

  • Brad

    oh please! everybody knows Chitty Chitty bang bang started all this, and I havent a clue what kind of car it was.
    But you know, Herby the Love Bug may have something tosay about all this 😉

  • Kat

    Steve McQueen's Mustang in Bullitt

  • Rodger McClain

    I can not believe you never mentioned the Route 66 Corvette shows in the 60's. The car was the draw and star. This is Americans best selling sports car and even has its own museum in Bowling Green, Ky. I'm an owner of many along with lots of others in Corvette Clubs in the U.S.Were disappointed that you did recognize Americas favorite sports car,

    • Rodger McClain

      Thats fine, I just wanted to make a comment,

  • Trish Schiesser

    I think my 1961 XKE Jaguar is one of the best cars ever made.
    Then, the Juiletta Spyder.
    Then, the Mazda Miata 5 speed convertible.

  • JOE


  • Ken

    Eleanor. nuff said.


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