Mortal Kombat 9 (2011): New Characters Added to List

By Alan Ng - Aug 19, 2010

We have some good news for those of you planning to pick up Mortal Kombat next year, as we can confirm that two new fighters have just been added into the mix. Personally, I’m delighted since one of them is my favorite MK character!

As reported from VG247, the two new fighters are Cyrax and Kitana. If you played the old school Mortal Kombat 2 and 3, then you’ll be familiar with each character’s backgrounds.

Cyrax is the cyborg assassin similar to Sektor and Smoke, whilst Kitana is the sister of the evil Mileena – already confirmed in the game. Along with the reveal, Warner Bros. and NetherRealm Studios have also released 5 brand new screenshots, giving you a chance to see the new fighters in action.

We still don’t have a solid release date for the game, but we know it will be available early next year, on the Xbox 360 and PS3. Let us know your thoughts on the inclusion of Cyrax and Kitana.

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  • anthony

    whoop i cant wait ive played every mk to date except mk vs dc universe im wait 4 this game 2 come out

  • Chris

    What about Reptile? He is classic MK2! I've always wanted to see him in a game again. I was really hoping he would be in this one.

  • roland

    i like the game but there is littile thing i wish you to keep in the game from mortal kombat vs dc.jax and liu kang face look so much better in the game .I think you should keep there face in the game for the new mortal kombat game

  • killer960000

    sheeva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she needs to be in the game>

  • whatthebleep

    aww no ashra

  • god of war

    they will be adding kratos from god of war with his own finishing moves and a god of war fighting arena look it up if you dont believe me

  • pistolpete1980

    and one more thing…. whats it going to hurt if you add extra costums at least 3 per character i know you guys could make some wicked ones

  • pistolpete1980

    plzzzzzzzzz keep it 2D and lots of combos and far as characters….ermac and rain pretty much ninjas

  • ImmyJ

    kitana been a confirmed character, jade has been confirmed and thats all i need, im just waiting on Baraka and Lui Kang

  • shau khan

    i hope shau khan and goro

  • Lamar

    i want to see all the people from mortal kombat series and a lot of new fatalities and x ray moves and if you guys can add kreate a fighter again that would make mortal kombat 9 great im really looking forward to buying mortal kombat 9

  • Jo jo

    Where is jade!!!

  • nima

    i like kabal & scorpion.
    raiden & lue kung must be in the game…
    kratos is great

  • barano

    we need a powerful fighter in the xbox 360 like kratos…a fighter nor a gun man like marcus phoenix…we need the killer instinct…we need fulgore!!!!!

  • james


  • croatiansensation

    only NOOBS and unskilled players need liu kang with his easy dumb moves forward forward x, forward forward triangle, 3 sec triangle etc…

    MK MUST have scorpion , sub-zero, raiden… but it would also be nice to see baraka, shang tsung, kung lao and sonia aswell

    Rain, jade, ermac, noob saibot and all new characters from 3d mortal kombats are totally unnecessary

  • Anthony

    this game is not the same w/o liu kang in it. Also would like to see possibly Kai and deff. Shinnok

  • tristan

    they got to have jax

  • stetson

    i want sheeva in the game

  • Jermaine Hyde

    I Hope They bulit it alll together

    • Jermaine Hyde

      I Love Scorpion because he does the spear

  • Lamar

    if the creators of mortal kombat are reading this can u guys add kreate a character again that would be awsome and kreate an fatality

  • Deathstroke

    I need only all ninjas and cyborgs

  • We need Lui kang

  • joker

    I just want to see ppl from mk1-umk3 not all but some!!!
    im glad they are doing cause i just could not stand gay ass characters from armageddon such as havik, darious and all the other bullshit characters that dont even belong to mk!

  • Andrew Gonzales

    hell yeah cyrax is in der lets hope smoke, noob, kabal and liu kang are in there

  • russi

    i hope the but noob and kabal

  • Scott

    That would be me happy

  • joe

    they should just made mk 9 like mk armeggedon more ppl=more fun but i still like cant wait for it to come out!!

  • steven

    sonya and sindel

  • James

    Im hoping for Sindel and Jade.

  • tom

    I want all the fighters from mk one along with Baraka, Jax, and Shinnok. If they do that, the game will be a must buy for me, although id like to see Goro and Sheeva and Frost and as playable characters. Other than that Kabal and Havik (though his name is gay.) My only other wish is Motaro. But only Jax, Baraka, and Shinnok are musts too me. Leave offs include Hotaru, Mokap and Boo Rai Chu. Those characters SUCK!!! Especially
    Mokap. Anyway! YA MK!!!!

  • Joe

    Basically this is a remake of MK Trilogy. No new characters, no MK4 characters, and probably no Kreate-a Fighter :(. I'd rather have a new 3D MK with new characters than a 2D MK with no new faces.

  • rodney

    need ermac come on boon……

  • erhets

    i am from RUSSIA

  • дима

    вы русские?

  • warrior

    I want to see sonya, Lui Kane, Jax, Jade, Tanya, Sindale, and Fujin.

  • nicko

    id like to see liu kang and raiden soon. But regardless i cant wait to get this game!!!

  • Darius The Chosen 1

    this new mortal komb game is going to be the $hit 4real.cant wait to play it because I WILL FINISH WHOEVER I PLAY WITH THE NOTORIOUS SCORPION.



    • randy

      IKR…..thatsone of my fav characters

  • Robofan

    I' m glad that Cyrax and Sektor are different. Hope Smoke is different as well. Kitana finally looks cool. Wonder what Jade, Ermac, Rain and Stryker will look like? Also, will there be two Sub-Zeros? So where will that leave Noob Saibot? Who is he now?

    • The Emperor

      This is Sub-Zero, the Elder. He's still alive. Scorpion hasn't killed him. He was never sucked into the Netherrealm. He never became Noob Saibot. There's also no need to bring Sub-Zero, the Younger

    • That Was Pathetic

      in most likely smoke will be human depending on when the storyline will happen and what will change. subzero may save smoke this time.

  • The Emperor

    Kitana and Mileena are not sisters. Mileena is a failed attempt at a clone of Kitana (the Baraka teeth make her 'failed'). Speaking of Baraka… I wanna see Baraka, Sonya, Jax and (call me nuts, but) Stryker.

  • Corey Hart

    i hope they have rain and ermac on this game.

    • thericodino

      they have ermac

  • This is an amazing screen cap, hope to see more videos and pictures!

    • jordan

      yea we do

      • jordan

        yes we need jade

  • Staremind


    • seth

      they have announced liu kang

      • randy

        cyrax is good but not good enough…Sub zero rocks!!!!! yeah!!!

  • NEEDS NEW FIGHTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats great but NOT GREAT ENOUGH! Mortal Kombat 9!!!!!

    • NEEDS NEW FIGHTERS AND I WILL BE HAPPY!! Its sad enough that they took away the ability to play as everyone!

  • Jeffrey Moore

    cyrax looks alot different i mean really he looks badass

  • mr.big


  • MK

    i am thrilled that they finally announced kitana for the love of god took em long enough.

    • MK Fan

      you should all be expecting every character from mk 1 to mk trilogy, that would equal 26 characters, well minus the mk 2 models of 5 characters and chameleon

    • johnny boy99

      mortal kombat 9 is goin to be da shit to bad street fighter x tekken comin out 2112 thats sum bullshit if you ask me

    • hjkhjkhkj

      i know i was getting scared haha

    • randy

      Sub Zero is gonna destroy Scorpian!!! OH YEAH!!