Mobile Ads Coming To BlackBerry? Follows Google & Apple

By Jamie Pert - Aug 19, 2010

According to several sources, BlackBerry designer RIM are currently shopping around for a mobile ad network. This news comes after Apple and Google both bought there own ad networks — Quattro and AdMob.

Times have been quite tough lately for the BlackBerry market, as they have seen there shares declining since the rise of the Android and the release of the iPhone 4.

With a vast number of smartphone users now using the internet on their devices, RIM, Apple and Google have noticed that big money comes from these mobile adverts, RIM now want a slice of the action.

RIM have apparently tried to purchase Millennial Media, but they asked up to $500 million for the acquisition. RIM were not prepared to pay such a price for its own mobile ad network.

Besides from the obvious, RIM have other things that they should be worrying about. The Torch is not doing well in sales, and the BlackBerry Messenger and email service is facing closure in various countries around the globe.

What can RIM do to keep up with Apple and Google? Can it claw its way back up top?

Source: PC World

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