Michael Jackson The Experience: Release Date, Confirmed Songs & Screenshots

By Jamie Pert - Sep 18, 2010

We have all been aware of the new Michael Jackson game for sometime now, but with Gamescom now in full swing, Ubisoft have given us a bit more of a taste of what to expect.

The game which follows in the footsteps of Ubisoft’s ‘Just Dance’ title was previewed at Gamescom where a very good Michael Jackson dance-a-like guides you through your dancing experience.

Lyrics appear at the bottom of the screen, and where as the Wii version shows you the position you are supposed to hold the Wii remote, the Kinect and Move versions will be more accurate in looking for the exact stances you are supposed to be doing.

Confirmed songs for the game so far are Beat It, Billie Jean, Bad, Earth Song, The Girl Is Mine, Who Is It, and Workin’ Day And Night.

Michael Jackson The Experience is scheduled to be released shortly after Microsoft’s Kinect hits shelves on November 18. As for other formats, we think they will also follow this release date.

Source: MJStar

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  • MJFan

    Will you be able to download more songs with Xbox live? Where is PYT? That's the best MJ song of all time!

  • nancy

    just got it ordered cant wait, wish it was previewed at best buy and hope they come with the glove for 49.99

  • Kp97

    I cant wait til this game comes out Im a die-hard MJ fan I luved, and listened to his music since I was 3!!! This is a good way to honor his legacy!!!

    R.I.P MJJ I MISS U!! 🙁

  • judah

    i wanna know when the game is comming out.

  • Carefreedo

    Great idea. Michael Jackson is the coolest ever! Can't wait for this game!

    Long live the king

    • Kuraudo Sutoraifu

      That`s cool and all, but i wished more for a game like the one there already is of him, a game like this with PS3 graphics.

  • Jamie

    it is so good that this game is underway because the fans deserve it and it is keeping michaels legacy alive. also the graphics and the game play look top notch. love u 4 ever mj.