Marvel Vs Capcom 3: New Additions to Characters List

By Alan Ng - Aug 19, 2010

We have some great news for those of you who are planning to pick up Marvel Vs Capcom 3 next year, as Capcom has just unveiled another two characters that will be added to the growing roster.

As reported from TheBitBag, we can confirm that these two new characters are Viewtiful Joe and Dormammu. Viewtiful Joe you have probably heard of already, but Dormammu is a Marvel Character best known for appearing in the Dr Strange comic books.

What are your intial thoughts on the inclusion of these two characters? – Are you satisfied or not? If you want to see what both characters look like on Marvel Vs Capcom 3, there are some included screenshots in the link above.

Personally, I’m still waiting on Gambit, Carnage and Charlie to be announced, please make it happen Capcom! Check out the screenshots and let us know what you think of Viewtiful Joe and Dormammu.

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  • lucas

    1.gambit red 3.megaman (classic) 4.venom goblin 6.moon knight 7.dr.octupus 8.sandman 9.carnage 10.annihilus 11.apocalypse 12.antman 13.baron zemo 14.nick fury 15.blade 16.cable 18.nova prime 19.beast 20.colossus 21.cyclops 22.the thing 23.juggernaut 24.kang 25.sunspot 26.titanium man 27.ultron 28.the claw 29.cardiac 30.constrictor 31.thanos 32.deathlok 33.electro 34.ghost rider 35.grey gargoyle 36.hawkeye 37.holocaust 38.lizard heart 40.silver surfer

  • sol

    This who they should put for marvel vs capcom 3 War machine, Lilith, Megaman(Classic), The Lizard, Jon Talbain, Storm, Hsien-Ko, And my final Choses is M.Bison and Jean grey

  • Kyle

    I can't get past how they can have Dormmamu and Shuma Gorath and then NOT have Dr. Strange? He's my favourite Marvel character so I am admittedly biased, but not without reasonable consideration! Ms. Marvel would be excellent as well, she's a good character who needs more face time. They could have included at least a pair of the F4 as well… Invisible Woman definitely and Mr. Fantastic or Human Torch (def Torch if Iceman were included) for the second.

  • Storm in MVC3

    1.Storm (X-Men)
    8.Black Widow
    10.Scarlett Witch

  • Deadly Poisson

    My top 10 character wish list
    2.Strider Hiryu
    6.Megaman (Original)
    8.Nick Fury
    9.Black Widow
    10.Iceman (X-Men)

  • We want to play as :

    Black Queen ( Selene )
    Scarlet Witch
    Emma Frost
    Song Bird
    Moon Knight
    Black Bolt
    Silver Surfer
    Dr. Strange

    • marcus center

      don't forget venom!!!!!