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Lord of the Rings Online: MMO Free-To-Play From September

If you are a regular player of LOTRO, or even if you are not, you will be pleased to know that Warner Bros. and Turbine have made the game free-to-play from September, with the option to upgrade.

Not much will be lost under the free-model. But you will be limited to certain options, bag spaces, character slots, gold pieces and others bits and bobs.

If you choose the free-to-play model you can choose to purchase virtual items, expansions, races and become a ‘Premium’ member.

Other players who play the standard $15 fee will become VIP subscribers and will be eligible for a range of beneficiaries.

For those new players who wish to take a look at Lord of the Rings online, you can expect to play the game for free starting September 10, although you can expect the servers to be quite ‘full’ during those first few days.

The beta still seems to be available to play over on the LOTRO website.

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