Jailed Facebook Friend Request: Should have paid the fine

I have always been a strong believer that people share way too much information of Facebook; I have known many relationships to breakdown because of it. However, it seems that a marriage that had already ended in a divorce has now landed an ex-husband in jail because of a friend request.

According to The Smoking Gun, a Florida man has been jailed because he tried to contact his ex-wife while on a domestic-violence injunction. What makes things worse, is that Harry William Bruder admitted it and said, “Yeah, I did it.”

Bruder’s confessions did not stop there, he even admitted to changing his ex-wife’s Yahoo e-mail account password, which is a crime in itself. He said that he did those things, as he was not happy at having to go to counseling sessions, which he had been forced to do by the courts.

As he did not have the $5,000 bail, he was sentenced to jail; we are not certain how long he will be in jail for. Do you think that people use Facebook more for fun or for causing problems for others?


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