Intel Corporation Purchase Security Firm McAfee For $7.68 Billion

Computer software and security company McAfee is now under the control of the Intel Corporation, who have bought the firm for $48 per share that totals $7.68 billion.

In the press release, Intel say that McAfee will still operate as a “wholly-owned subsidiary” that will integrate into Intel’s Software and Services Group.

Intel also say that the reasoning for purchasing the company was to “enable a combination of security software and hardware from one company to ultimately better protect consumers, corporations and governments as billions of devices – and the server and cloud networks that manage them – go online.”

McAfee are one of the most well known software security suites that focuses mainly on cyber security and helps in the fight against viruses, malware, spyware and other computer related issues.

McAfee have also just recently acquired the companies Trust Digital and TenCube that mainly focuses on smartphone security software, whereas Intel have also purchased cable modem product line — Texas Intruments.

Source: Tech Crunch


  • strelaoz

    What a wonderful news! We don't have to put up with Symantec any more!
    As I have reported to Symantec Ethics about David Freer’s (VP, Symantec – Norton, APJ) misconducts (fraud, having dissented sex with me as he lied, using company resources for personal benefits – hundreds hours phone calls, hanging out with me during office hours, negative impacts on Symantec corporate image), what they do surprise me too. They basically ignore – never process the investigation, covering the serial lying & cheating criminal up, then threaten me. As Warren Buffet said when he decides which company is worth to invest, he values the CEO’s ethic and integrity the most. Being a senior management, David Freer shall walk the talks, instead he has set up a terrible example. How dare Symantec always campaign the company itself as defeat cyber criminals, but in the real world, Symantec acts just like robbers, mafia, & criminals. How ironic!


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