Facebook Places: Foursquare Ripoff – Can Twitter Compete?

If you are a regular Facebook user on your iPhone, you’ll be very interested to know that the social networking site has just launched Facebook Places. It is a location-based service which some are calling a ‘FourSquare ripoff’.

Launched last night, Facebook Places allow iPhone users to ‘check-in’ to Facebook, using GPS to pinpoint their current location. Once you have checked into your location, Facebook will display other users that are in the exact same location, or close by. Facebook will even send real-time push notifications, to make the service seem live at all times.

One article we have picked out from Business Week, suggests that Facebook Places is a blatent ripoff of Foursquare. Looking at some pictures of the Facebook Places interface, you can definitely see that Facebook has taken their inspiration from Foursquare, and no doubt that their service will become much more popular over time.

What can Foursquare do about this though? Not a lot it seems, since Facebook is so popular and more established. Users will now treat Facebook Places as the ‘best’ location-based check-in service on a mobile device, leaving Foursquare to mull over what to do next.

Where does Twitter come into all this? Will they want to create their own location-based service to compete with Facebook? Or will they remain content with their current features. Check out the full article over at Business Week and let us know your thoughts on this.


  • Kristin

    Twitter HAS a geolocation tool already…


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