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Call of Duty Black Ops: Zombie Mode confirmed by Treyarch?

It looks like more pieces of the zombie puzzle on Call of Duty Black Ops are finally coming together. We have some new information from Treyarch to share with you now, which suggests that zombies is pretty much confirmed for the upcoming title.

Following on from the leaked information via GameStop which confirmed the inclusion of zombie maps from World at War into Black Ops, Treyarch community manager Josh Ollin has given us a further hint about zombie mode.

When speaking in an interview with Nowgamer, he was asked if the 4-player co-op mode in Black Ops would be similar to World at War’s zombie mode. His reply was “a little closer to that.”

If that wasn’t enough for you, he also had this to say on Twitter in relation to zombie mode: ”All 4 existing Zombies maps will be included in Hardened & Prestige editions of as callback co-op levels!”

Personally, I will find it very surprising if there is no zombie mode in Black Ops after these recent hints. It is a shame we didn’t get an official confirmation at GamesCom, as it looks as if Treyarch are keeping fans waiting a little longer!

What are your thoughts on the new information? Do you think it is coming or not?



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