Call of Duty Black Ops: Zombie Mode confirmed by Treyarch?

By Alan Ng - Aug 22, 2010

It looks like more pieces of the zombie puzzle on Call of Duty Black Ops are finally coming together. We have some new information from Treyarch to share with you now, which suggests that zombies is pretty much confirmed for the upcoming title.

Following on from the leaked information via GameStop which confirmed the inclusion of zombie maps from World at War into Black Ops, Treyarch community manager Josh Ollin has given us a further hint about zombie mode.

When speaking in an interview with Nowgamer, he was asked if the 4-player co-op mode in Black Ops would be similar to World at War’s zombie mode. His reply was “a little closer to that.”

If that wasn’t enough for you, he also had this to say on Twitter in relation to zombie mode: ”All 4 existing Zombies maps will be included in Hardened & Prestige editions of as callback co-op levels!”

Personally, I will find it very surprising if there is no zombie mode in Black Ops after these recent hints. It is a shame we didn’t get an official confirmation at GamesCom, as it looks as if Treyarch are keeping fans waiting a little longer!

What are your thoughts on the new information? Do you think it is coming or not?

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  • AlphaG0GMD18

    Zombies are pretty cool.(maps are grat0 campin is pretty hard espes on the SOG map.

  • Jesus Christ

    Love Thy Neighbour


    Well if you think about it in 1936 till 1945 people didn’t run around with any othe secondary then a side arm pistol. Just to be foreward I hate infinityward and all it’s games treyarch way to go and if anyone wants to add me on xbox live the name listed above is mee gamertag and I’ll play waw with you and black ops in the future thanks. (^_^)

  • afdsaf

    personally I think wii is better for fps games


    I say there going to make 4 new maps on release with hardened and prestige and there will be DLC for those who got the standard edition. maybe they might add the old maps that are slightly different and sell 'em as DLC to make more money.

  • chuck d

    I think treyarch going all out with the zombies this time around when WaW came out they put the zombies in just for fun not knowing how big it would get the first map was just thrown out there. Der reise was f@#$ing sweet. Now my friends imagine what the sick minds of treyarch are going pull with more time more staff fully revamped game engine and all that money they made last time from DLC alone.IMO ithink that zombies is going to be a co-op campain in its own

  • mic

    i dont think that they would not put it into the game after so many people want it on.

  • x4ffie

    The major and greatest down-point of WaW’s Nazi Zombie mode that if you wanted to join each other you’d get things/errors like: joining potential matches. Then you’d wait forever and after a while it’d disconnect.

    Personally, I’d be very dissapointed if they wouldn’t have made improvements regarding such bugs/malfunctions.

    On-Topic: I hope there will be a Zombie mode in CoD:BO, BUT (!) what the hell are the zombies gonna look like? Vietnam-warriors, Siberian soldiers? Who knows… Let’s just be patient and hope for another zombie-mode.

  • i really dont see what the big zombie deal is.. i got the hardened edition but only because i pre-ordered. honestly, im looking forward to the multiplayer.. much, much more possibilitys than zombie mode. no offense

  • TwiiSteD BeAsT

    Considering Nazi Zombies has been confirmed I can't see why Treyarch wouldn't make some new DLC. In my opinion if there is a new zombies it shouldn't be named Nazi Zombies as you do not fight no Germans in Black Ops. They should re-invent the old maps and put something like Vietnam Zombies (obviously not call it that because it doesn't sound right) and change the zombies to look like zombies from 'nam, Russia and so on. IF they do bring out new DLC I can see there being 3 DLC in total. It would be amazing with the new guns and perks. Hopefully zombies will be on Black Ops

  • DragScopez

    COD:BO will be better than them all. with wager matches a crossbow, ballistic knife and upgraded guns. Who cares if The zombie maps are the same because BO will be the best

  • Drag scope

    There not for diehards there for people who want to get more things cheaper and straigh away

  • joshua

    guys i just had a revelation!!!!!!! if the engine for call of duty black ops is being used for nazi zombies why would they spend all that money just to include the original maps! so there will obviously be black ops zombie engine gameplay right on the disk itl be kike nach der untoten just a different map new graphics different weapons. the crossbow would be great!

  • will

    I reckon ther will not just be survival game modes of NZ but maybe challenges, which would explain why in an interview the guy said the co op mode is nearer to the zombie mode. I wud love it if this was true and ther was more to it then just surviving 😀

  • Cod_PRO2009

    The wii is fine for games like mario kart, if you want to play serious games you should just buy a PS3 or 360.

  • Kannakang


  • tom

    treyarch and activision will be throwing away money if hey dont put a zombie mode on black ops, people were addicted to zombies, it was fun and it gave u something to do when you got bored of all the ******* that ran around with mp40's getting all the kills (me)

  • Pie

    If you are buying this game just for zombies, then what is the point? Zombies is quite boring after just one game, now dont get me wrong, I like playing zombies, but only one game at a time. Friends of mine play game after game, I dont know how people do that, it gets really boring. I guess I think this way because I am a multiplayer junkie, always wanting to prestige and what-not. Multiplayer in Black Ops is going to be fantastic. MW2 wont even compare. You may not agree with me, but thats what opinions are for xD.

  • Stu

    Treyarch would be stupid not to add zombies to this new game. You only have to look at how many people are regularly playing it still to see how popular it still is. Last time I logged on there were 46 k users playing!

    I can’t wait for the new game just because of the zombies with new guns. I only play der riese so as long as that is still there… I’ll be happy

  • PoWn3d_0704

    Well, I believe that zombie maps were place on the game as a favor to the PC gamers… Since the mod tools for the maps are released with the maps, I can offically say that I have over 150 zombie maps, and counting. I've made one of my own, and I've beta-tested my buddies maps. It's a ton of fun that ads a crapton of replay value to Zombies, rather than being stuck with the same 4 maps like you console people. If anyone is looking for an amazing map, look up my buddy's on Zombiemodding. It's called 'nazi zombie 666'.

  • Aussie Raver1996

    Ok well can some1 explain this to me….CoD black ops is coming back with the old nazi zombies maps for W@W i know this though they said treyarch is going to use the CoD black ops engine…can some1 explain this to me…does it mean cod black ops weapons…grahpics…different gameplay…differet people?

    • harryham1

      Better graphics, black-ops weapons, don't know about the gameplaye (haven't specified), different people (most likely).

  • Crazy joe

    oh yeah ZOMBIES! kill 'em all!

  • Andy

    Nazi zombies(der reise) is one of the top 3 games of all time period id buy a game based soley on zombies alone for $60 without hesitation

  • Longjohnsilver

    Zombie mode was the shit and if you don’t like it why the fuck are you looking it up no camper or spamming bitchs in zombie just dicks who leave the game it is also optional no one says you have to play it.

    • username

      yeah i hate the gays that leave games and don't ready up i hope they get rid of the ready up system that's annoying when two people ready up and the other two dicks wont ready up

  • BRanodonn

    HA HA HA black ops on the wii, you wish, the wii sucks! all they have is metroid and i can get all the emulators online, right now im playing fusion, if you want call of duty for the wii, you can play call of duty 3, or modern warfare 3, (im not crazy look at the video by onion news) and carry around the 23 pound machine gun.

  • bob

    if i dont get the version that comes with the maps will i have to go back to waw to play them? because the new map that comes with wont be as good as der reis.
    i am gonna be pissed if i end up owning all four maps on waw but not being able to play the black ops ones.
    i bought three map packs for the crappy multiplayer just so i could have those maps but i think treyarch is going to dissapoint me

  • adam

    Guys look now dont hate anything about a game. If theres zombies its your choice to play it if you dont want to you dont have to if there aint treyarch have made a mistake because some people only bought cod W@W for its zombies. And the online and campaign are great enough zombies would just be the cherry on top 🙂

  • Eightygalaxy!

    What if it was commie aliens? LOL!

    But really! That's stupid… They're putting the same maps in a new game… Lack of creativity! So what of they make them look better and have new guns? Who would want to pay 20 extra dollars for something they already have??? When the game comes out they MUST have a new zombies map! It makes no sense to just have the old ones to a new game…

    • harryham1

      come on don't be stupid people. They knew they're secret had leaked so they decided to drop it with this. I would say even though there is not a very high chance, there still could be new maps. Also they never said there WASN'T going to be zombies on normal edition of game. Sorry I seem like an ***hole for saying this, but really think about it. Treyarch not idiots, i'm sure they know what they're doing. Although an online beta (or even better zombie Beta) would have blown halo reach up it's own a**

  • Kyle

    Will zombies be in the Wii version? i was very disappointed about WAW's Wii version not having the Nazi zombies mode.


      haha wii fags whining about how they wish they had a big boy console. the wii would like spontaneously combust if it tried to produce even 20 zombies. remember how huge der rerise is? yea a wii is for like tennis and mariokart.

      • PoWn3d_0704

        He does have a point…. 480p graphics mean that… well graphics suck. Motion controlling that game mode… is a bust…

        AND, most importantly, I believe they neglected to add it, because they knew it would suck if they did.

    • Kannakang

      Wii is for family people i doubt it'll be on there.


      It did suck but this time im getting it on ps3(didnt have one before)

  • Jamin

    Zombies made CoD 5 worthwhile but they left a great big hole in the story because of MW2 coming out, making my only qualm with MW2; it stopped the final zombie map! Black Ops needs zombies; they make the £7.99 price tag (which, given MW2, may well be more in the range of £10.99 now) on the DLC worthwhile, otherwise, it's just more of the same really. I don't mind too much if it isn't part of the initial release, as long as all DLC gives us 1 or 2 new zombie maps a piece!

  • Insider

    they are using a whole new graphical system in COD:BO so that it will a whole new experience compared to previous call of dutys. i would say this would be a must buy even without a zombie mode, if there happens to not be one

  • Brandon

    Anyone that says they won’t buy it

    is lying through their teeth!!

    There was over 400,000 people online at

    12:18am when MW2 came out and everyone

    that bought it will buy Black Ops + DLC..

  • Dalton

    the four recent maps, and maybe 1 zombie map would make me buy it besides the fact that the campaign is long and multi is more balanced and longer to gain things. the sells that reach makes would equal black ops. plus, they will be going at it for goty in 2011.

  • Dalton

    n u're the little twarp who camps and hacks the game all day

  • shawoopams

    hell why dont they just take a nazi zombies game!!!!!. make it all multiplayer with dozens of maps hell id buy it. think about it a game dedicated to nazi zombies. id buy it in a heart

  • Nick

    will there be any zombie maps on the standard edition?

    • Kannakang



    i think Treyarch should stop pissing around with map packs,and do a full story version of nazi zombies lets face it it gets a bit repeditive when ur in the same game for hours on end

    • jamie

      totally agree mate but it its still fun anyway. Basically just cant wait for it to come out altogether looks amazing 😀

  • Spud11763

    if people havent figured it out yet, theyre gonna have remasterd (i.e. grpahical updated, new guns, ect.) versions of the 4 from world ar war, and then they'll include one crappy map that ships with the game. it will most likely be a very basic one (like the original shipped one from WaW) so that when they release DLC, people will buy it. It will be CoD5 allllllll over agian. Sorry treyarch, sombies are cool, im not hating. But try somethin new.

  • 123456789

    I if they do add zombies then they would need to add the new guns because they cant leave the mp40 on the walls because it would be stupid but overall i think that it will be a fun enjoyable game due the multi player and the story looks good but zombies will be a added extra.

  • dray

    well, will there be a 5th zombies map. it only says the 4 ones from World at War are coming back, doesnt say anything about a 'new' zombies map nor does it say for it to come in the future. This is no good news, because people want to play a NEW map not the same ones from cod5 that they can just go play on cod5

  • Jon

    hell no!

    • DEEZ nUtz

      i personally like modern warfare 2 better than w@w. mainly because modern warfare isnt as depressing. zombies was brilliant and theres no way id buy black ops with out a zombie mode

  • NO Thanks

    based on what? noob-friendliness?

  • peter

    if thay dont bring zombeis back ther on drugs

  • eric

    if you guys like sitting in one spot for hours and call that fun then i say go for it the reason alot of people didnt like waw was because of the gameplay style cod4 and mw2 are noob friendly waw wasnt no tube in the spawn and was a run &gun style which i prefer i dont like sitting in a corner waiting for people to come by screw the zombies if your buying this game for zombies your going to be upset just an insider tip

    • shawoopams

      um u should think of other ways to play zombies than just camping. for instance to survive in zombies u must have an offensive and defensive game plan. im always on the assault for the first 20 lvls
      so it is ur own dam falt for making it boring

    • mark

      your an idiot…..and your not an 'insider'

    • matt

      zombies is fun because it requires streategy you dont just sit in the same spot. you have to make a plan with ur team and see how long u last, thats wat makes it fun. the more u play the better u get. i hae gotten to 42 on der reise

      • Paul

        Awesome…i just got to level 41 last night, it took 5 hours but it was hella fun, that was an epic game! by the time you past lvl 40 you almost need a whole clip of browning to down one zombie!

    • matt

      Eric, what the fuck kind of insider are you? i bought waw just to play zombies. i beat the game once to unlock zombies and havent played the actual game since. in my opinion, zombies is good enough to stand on its own as a game.

    • hershey231

      insider tip? WHO DO YOU WORK FOR

  • M@ttvrick

    When you look back at W@W, the zombie maps just kept getting better and better. The original zombie map was fairly 1 dimentional. The second map, they added perks and electric gates and made the map much larger. The 3rd map saw the inclusion of actual characters, and dogs. The 4th map was just brilliant. Large, pack a punch, dogs, The maps just keep getting better and better, logic says new maps would continue to improve a great thing!!!

  • BigRed4Life

    I can't wait for zombies. The way Treyarch used innovation and creativity in WAW's zombies is what made it so fun. Can't wait to see whats up their sleeve this time!!!


    Haha, nggrdown, MW2 was better than none of the three. It has so many problems, I spent so much time on WAW and COD4 because they were fun, and not broken. I've spent a lot of time on MW2, but I hate every second of it 😀 lololol

    • blahblahblah

      how can you say WAW was not broken in multiplayer…any game with a weapon like the mp40 in it that is ridiculously overpowered is definitely broken…mw2 has a lot of gimmicky ways to be cheap (akimbo shotguns, excess quickscopers, tactical knife, and others) but at least it isnt eveyone using the same gun all the time…the mp40, and with it then entire multiplayer experience of WAW, is the most broken multiplayer in any game i have ever played…there is a reason i went back to COD4 after playing WAW for a few months

      • ThatDude

        Well lets see:
        MW2: Insta kills -no scopes-hacked shotguns-anything akimbo/w stopping power-rpg/thunper (and I mean really, as a secondary? too much power).
        WaW: Insta kills- sniper rifles- (very)close range shotguns-the perk bazooka
        So thats the insta kill line up (not including hardcore of course). And lets not forget MW2's perks…. noob tubers rejoice! Either unlimited noob tubes with that backpack perk thingy (you know, the one where you can change classes), or scavenger, where as long as you kill
        someone with you two noob tubes or two rpgs you can regain one of everything.
        So yeah, I think MW2's multiplayer is a little more f't up. Though I will admit I play both of them on a regular occasion just to change things up.

    • Drag scope

      why the hell would you prefer waw over cod6. your secondery has to be a frigan pistol in waw. in cod 6 you can use heaps bette seconderys. the perks in waw are messed up and there is practically only 1 sniper

  • Borobeast33

    if there isnt a zombie mode game play then i wont even bother buying the game. i want a multiplayer experience similar to mw2 but a zombie game play some what like cod5, but with new guns and new looking forward to seeing how the new cod black ops turns out

  • When Treyarch did the zombies since then, game developers (apart from l4d or other recent ones), have been more or less copying the style that you need to survive and endless wave of zombies to reach high levels, its been spammed I think especially for the the arcade titles of XBLA, I think that there is no point in doing the same thing again, when they could easily just create new maps for the other game (CODWAW), hopefully they will add more depth to a zombie mode such as a story? or perhaps you dont have to spend like 6 hours just doing to same thing over n over again.

    I have a feeling that treyarch are going to set a new standard in the co-op market and be original also 🙂

    With any luck they will create a Zombie and a Multiplayer Level Editor, so that you can create your own maps :).

    • Andrew

      There’s way too many objects they don’t hav time to do it and if they enter to it would hav things lik halo and u wouldn’t be able to make wut u wnted

    • Bone

      I completely agree with you. I would prefer something that felt more like dawn of the dead where the zombies go down with one head shot from any gun instead of having to back into a corner with a heavy machine-gun that shoots lasers. Something along the lines of special ops with missions requiring strategy, stealth and when the situation requires it, killing massive numbers of advancing undead. Sadly, Treyarch will never realize this because they are morons. I suppose i can dream though.

      • ThatDude

        Yea… no. If they did that than they would be copying Left4Dead. And lets face it, they've copied enough people when making their games, so lets keep this one idea original, shall we?


    Of course there will be new zombies in black ops because they would make more money and activision would defintely be supporting that.

  • BorrowedChicken

    o hell yeah that is going to be the **** ill buy the pestige edition so i can have the old maps

  • Josh

    I don't understand the need for zombies in Call of Duty. They are kind of pointless in my opinion. I feel that it is just a gimmick for Treyarch to make money as their games are usually worse than Infinity Ward's.

    • lucas

      are you fucking kidding me. treyarch fucks infinity ward up the ass.

      • jamie

        absolutely m8

    • zane

      dude your gay id pay 60 bucks anyday for a game with a awesome one player story with noline zombie mode rather than infinity wards shit

      • bone is a dumbass

        hahah you are the biggest bitch ever, why dont you go play your little barbie game shithead

    • bob

      Are you kidding

    • bone and josh you guys are seriously retarded. Josh you go make a game that has the voted best co-op. Bone you make a game that wen u fire a gun the mother fucken player has to go to hospital. fkn retards.

    • michael

      well 1st if they didn't put it in they'de lose lots of sales, and 2nd mw2 sucked so this will definitely be better than it. anyway coldwar era is awesome

      • jamie

        aye 😀

    • dfhdfd

      mw2 was shit compared to cod 5 its just all over powered weapons modders and campers!!!

    • Mitchell

      zombies is the one of the only reasons people bought world at war because lets face it, it wasnt a very good CoD game. you are and idiot to say zombies is a money making gimmick and pointless adition because the whole game is a money making gimmick and people loveed zombie mode!!

    • well i mean its just for fun with your friends

    • Kannakang

      crack u smoke must be good!

  • phaneufalufagus

    the old maps are all fine and good, but will they be relasing new zombie maps? thats the real issue here. i dont want to spend the money for something i already own.

    • Alan Ng

      Sure they will! It would be pretty stupid of Treyarch if they didn't give us any new zombie maps! So don't worry about that..

    • bill

      rumors going around the four maps would fit into the newer style etc.

  • austin

    all i can say is that if they dont have zombies in the regular game and not hardend and presteigge they are dumb becuz that was such a hit and it wouldnt suprise me if they do have it in the game and they should but i cant fucking wait!

    • zane

      same here i agree

      • Umm I’m only 12 but I’ve found some horrific discoverys about black ops about the zombie mode 1 new map will be coming out and its nothing like the previous 4 maps stay tuned!

  • Your Name here

    Im getting real pissed at these Call Of Duty news articles allways ending in a questions mark. Treyarch Have developed a new way to kill people by fucking them in the asswhole?

    • DANIEL

      learn to spell, ASSHOLE

      • yo momma

        the guy probably would enjoy a buttfuck

      • Whogivesafck

        It’s arsehole!!

    • hej