Apple Store Down: White iPhone 4? – Updates from Twitter

We have some exciting news for Apple fans now, as we can confirm that the Apple Store is currently unavailable at the moment. It seems a bit strange for it to be down on a Thursday, could they be planning a secret hardware refresh?

We have no idea what they are planning this time. Usually we are kept in the loop with new hardware when the Apple Store goes down, but this time, your guess is as good as ours.

It would be nice if Apple are planning to give a solid release date for the White iPhone 4, but that would be too generous wouldn’t it? If there is new hardware, it will probably be a refresh to their Macbook lineup, although Engadget also mention iTV (Apple TV) as well.

Whatever it is, you’ll be able to check when the Apple Store is back up and what is revealed, using this handy Twitter page. This lists all the latest updates on the Apple Store, so you’ll be the first to know if anything is announced.

What are your guesses on this one guys?



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