White Samsung Galaxy S: iPhone 4 owners despair

By Peter Chubb - Aug 18, 2010

When it comes to the color of a phone, none has been more topical than the white iPhone 4, so imagine what those waiting on the release feel like once they learn that there is to be a Snow White version of the Samsung Galaxy S?

Korean’s already have this new color version – although it just has a white back and a black front. However, Engadget reports that the international version of the White Galaxy S will be white all over – just as the White iPhone 4 will be once it gets a release date.

We are not certain if all variations of the Samsung Android smartphone will be available in white, but we sure hope that the Epic 4G will come in the new color. It is no secret that Sprint’s version of the Galaxy S is considered the best of the four – so a white option could help drive up sales.

The White Apple iPhone 4 has been delayed more times than we can remember, excuses range from manufacturing issues to waiting on a fix to the external antenna. However, the latest rumor suggests that the white version of Apple’s new smartphone will be released later this year, which is a little vague.

Would you like to see a white Epic 4G?

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    Very true @ljosito, if it’s not glass front and back then it shouldn’t be compared to the iPhone 4. The white 3GS had a white back, but that wasn’t glass.

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