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White iPhone 4 Unboxing Video: Real or not?

The iPhone 4 has now been available for almost two months now, and in that time we have yet to see the release of the white version. We recently learned that we will not see the white version until the end of the year, so you can understand how skeptical I was when I saw this unboxing video of a 32GB White iPhone 4.

Phones Review came across this video while visiting the Daily Mobile website, so I decided to visit the guys YouTube page who allegedly has this white fourth-generation iPhone. I have been watching the video over and over to look for hints of a fake, but I am having trouble.

I still do not believe this to be true, so I would ask that you watch the video below and decide for yourself. The Apple smartphone was apparently delivered to someone in Canada by DHL and fears that Apple will be coming to take the phone back soon – is this just a way to drum up more hits?

The guy in the video said that Apple informed him that he had to wait until later this year to take possession of his White iPhone 4, so was very excited when he received the package. I cannot see how this is real, what do you think?


  • Dan Farrell-Jones

    I dont understand people saying they didnt get a sim ejection tool with their iphone 4. I definitely got one with mine, it was the micro-sim that I had to go out for upon delivery!

  • Russell

    This Is A Fake There Is No Sim Removing tool it was not inclued in the black iphone package.
    So i think it was a fake.

  • trevor hius

    FAKE, look at how the earphones and USB cable are not tidy when he opens the box the first time, it looks like they have been repackaged, not very apple like!

    • Max

      Exactly what I was going to say. Also, Mark it zero, dude.

  • lvarano

    Fake. Look at the label on the box on youtube. He deals with signs and the box came from a sign parts distributor in the US. Nice try, dolt.

  • martinelsen

    Honestly, who really cares whether there's a white, red, purple or pschadelic iPhone.

    It's just a phone.

    Get over it people…

    • the dude

      obviously you cared enough to read this article and comment on it…..

  • dan

    NOT REAL. The first unboxing video was later replaced by another one. On the first video there was no wall plug included in the box and now it magically appeared. Not to mention the packing was different on the first video too. BS.

    • phil

      he said that the first one was from europe

  • ant

    i say fake, the iphone 4 doesnt come with a sim removal tool. also when you go to his youtube page and check his favorites you can see there are videos on how to take apart the phone and exchange the black cover with the white.

    • vango

      iphone 4 doesnt have a sim removal tool, TOOL! if you had one, you would know.

      • somepeoplesostupid

        Ermm thats what he said?

  • karl

    can we fix the video its not working

  • karl

    dead video can we fix?


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