White iPhone 4: Release Date Update from UK Carrier

By Alan Ng - Aug 18, 2010

We have more details to share with you now, on the highly anticipated release of the white iPhone 4 model. We previously heard how the device would be coming at the ‘end of the year’ by one UK retailer, but now we have some fresh information to give you.

According to this report from TheInquirer, Orange UK, the retailer in question has contacted the website again to clarify the situation on their previous statement.

Rather than confirm that the white model will be available at the end of the year, they have now stated that the device will be available ‘later on in the year’.

Here is what Orange UK stated in a fresh email: “The email (previous) was sent to customers who have registered an interest in the Iphone. To clarify that we are now stating that it will be available later this year,”

While this hasn’t been confirmed, TheInquirer think that the phone will be out before December 31st – although anything can happen with Apple these days, another delay wouldn’t surprise us.

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