White iPhone 4: Convert from Black with iCarbons – Video Guide

By Alan Ng - Aug 18, 2010

Who those of you who are tired of waiting for Apple to release their white iPhone 4 model, we have found a perfect solution for you. The guys over at iCarbons are now offering their white iPhone 4 skin kit, allowing you to transform your black model into a white one, in around 5 minutes!

It may sound a bit risky at first, but we have included a video tutorial, letting you see how the process is done – from start to finish. As you can see from the video, the method is quite professional, and the end result looks fantastic.

We may not see the official white iPhone 4 until the end of the year now, so this is definitely a solid alternative for those who are interested. If you want to buy the kit, you can do so over at iCarbons website here.

Make sure you watch the video guide below in full, then let us know your thoughts on it. We were impressed with the result, what about you?

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