Verizon iPhone 4: Apple Won’t Fix Antenna For Release Says Expert

The talk seems to continue when it comes to rumors about the Apple iPhone 4 and US carrier Verizon, with most of them pointing to a release early next year.

The most recent of the news suggests that Apple will not fix the recent problem that has plagued a vast majority of iPhone users since its release — ‘antennagate.’

This conclusion comes from Spencer Webb, the president of AntennaSys who also has at least a dozen patients registered in his name and is a antenna engineer.

The reason is pretty simple. Webb says that the antenna is “architectuarlly fixed” and therefore Apple should have no need to fix it. He also states that a redesign would take time, and potentially move away from the companies method of sticking to a true design for a vast couple of years, not months.

The antenna engineer also says that there is no easy fix for ‘antennagate’ even with the free Bumper cases that Apple are handing out to unsatisfied customers.

However, with the iPhone surely heading to Verizon at the start of next year, do you still think that Apple should fix the issue before making the Carrier leap? Would the problems caused by ‘antennagate’ make you think about getting this phone on Verizon? What course of action do you think Apple need to take?

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  • Trevor aspinwall

    Ok ok. Enough with the bs. The iPhone 4 is really the most amazing phone to date….. I’m totally happy in every way… U people and ur antennagate bs. That’s all a lack of AT&T service…. Not the phone….

    Ur lucky apple did anything even bumpers…. It’s just to shut u guys up….Hate AT&T yes…. Apple no….

  • Sandyboyz

    I bought an iphone4 and took it back after a week because it was dropping the signal. i have seen it doing the same on most other iphone 4s I have seen. Having said that, I tested my wife's iphone 3GS with out a case on and it was dropping the signal as well – almost exactly the same way as 4 !! I did like the iphone4 design and screen and am now thinking of buying it anyway since I don't make that many calls – use mainly for browsing and apps.

  • peter

    I have an iPhone 4 and all the problems that come with it. First the bumpers that are suppose make the signal not fade, doesn't work still loosing signal. Second the glass is supper easy to break. I was sitting down and it slipped out of my pocket and fell about 2 inches and now there is a crack on the screen, and to boot if it dose break I have to replace it at retail value. I am very disappointed in the quality assurance by apple. For this reason I would never recommend this phone to anyone.

  • Kyle

    Antenna works….like all others. This is too funny. I’ve had mine for a month now it’s fine. No case either.

    I use mine for business use. So do 3 of my co-workers. You people crack me up with the droid BS and the “I heard they are bad so I won’t buy one until it’s fixed”. You don’t know because you haven’t used one. I use it every day and this phone is awesome.

  • Lee Brooks

    Will buy an iPhone when the antenna works….

    Lee Brooks

  • Quinn Cincinnati

    I personally purchase two iPhone 4's and took them back after 8 days. I use my phone for business use and dropped call’s close to 50% of the time. I believe apple iPhone screen was unbelievable and it was truly hard to give it up, but the dropped calls were a joke. I have since moved over to the HTC EVO and can tell you that I personally like the EVO much better. I could not recommend the iPhone 4 to anyone that will be using the phone for business use.

  • Alex in Denver

    Way to go on perpetuating BS about the “vast majority” of iPhone 4 users having issues. Sounds like the old weapons of mass deception scenario. If you keep repeating it long enough people will stop buying the millions if iPhone 4s being sold. No doubt some had issues, but way overblown.

  • Kyle

    I have a Blackberry Bold and an IPhone 3GS with antennas in the case and can drop the bars with a death grip just like the iPhone 4. The antenna doesn’t need fixing because it isn’t a problem. It’s normal with all phones. So, if you move the antenna in the case you will get the same problem. The big “issue” is a non-issue.

    I would be shocked if Apple changed anything because it would be a stupid business move. It would admit they have a problem 6 months after a major release and and alienate millions of iPhone 4 users.

    • ifly

      he says in his article "a vast majority of iPhone users " thats not true, the vast majority doesnt have issues, its a very small percentage.
      apple's number also say a little less than 3% have return the iphone bacause of it.


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