Verizon iPhone 4: Apple Won’t Fix Antenna For Release Says Expert

By Jamie Pert - Aug 18, 2010

The talk seems to continue when it comes to rumors about the Apple iPhone 4 and US carrier Verizon, with most of them pointing to a release early next year.

The most recent of the news suggests that Apple will not fix the recent problem that has plagued a vast majority of iPhone users since its release — ‘antennagate.’

This conclusion comes from Spencer Webb, the president of AntennaSys who also has at least a dozen patients registered in his name and is a antenna engineer.

The reason is pretty simple. Webb says that the antenna is “architectuarlly fixed” and therefore Apple should have no need to fix it. He also states that a redesign would take time, and potentially move away from the companies method of sticking to a true design for a vast couple of years, not months.

The antenna engineer also says that there is no easy fix for ‘antennagate’ even with the free Bumper cases that Apple are handing out to unsatisfied customers.

However, with the iPhone surely heading to Verizon at the start of next year, do you still think that Apple should fix the issue before making the Carrier leap? Would the problems caused by ‘antennagate’ make you think about getting this phone on Verizon? What course of action do you think Apple need to take?

Source: SlashGear

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