T-Mobile HTC G2: 4G speeds on HSPA+ network

By Peter Chubb - Aug 18, 2010

The T-Mobile G1 was the first Android handset, but is now showing its age, as it is almost two years old. I know someone with one and he still hangs on to it – even though the screen is cracked and it now runs slow. However, we are excited to learn that T-Mobile has launched the new HTC G2 websites.

The websites is just a place to allow you to register your interest for the T-Mobile G with Google. The carrier has a nice slogan saying, “Continue the revolution.” We are very excited about the new handset, as it will offer 4G speeds on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network.

The website will offer more details soon, so for now we can only speculate what the design will look like and what hardware choices HTC and T-Mobile will go for. One thing is certain, it will need to be special, as the G2 will be competing against the Samsung Epic 4G, Droid X, Pro and Incredible and the EVO 4G.

So will the G2 just be a touch phone or stick with the touch and physical keyboard as the original handset? Another pressing question, will the new Android smartphone come with the new 1.5GHz processor?

Register your interest here

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  • BBroyalty

    To R32chaos i to have been a loyal fan of BB but i recently purchased the HTC G2 and i must say i have yet to have a problem with it…although i do agree with what you ay about the contacts but overall the phone itself if great and i would recomend it to anyone…i will not bad mouth BB because i still have all of my BB from 5 or 6 yrs ago to now and i must say i have them all but my G2 by far is the best phone i have ever purchased…my next phone shall be the galaxy tab just so i can compare and post to those who read these
    takecare everyone hope you enjoy your G2 as much as i did

  • TWH

    The G2 is absolutely awesome. It took me hours to setup my T-Mobile Shadow and learn its features. It took no time with the G2. Everything works so well & fast. What a great design. I alternate between the on screen keyboard and the slide out keyboard. Finding / Doing what you want takes less time. I would defininately recommend this phone/computer/gps/everything-tool to anyone.

  • modn1

    i also wish the contacts were more like blackberry. blackberry by far has the best format for contacts. im sure palm does too. i've noticed i don't use my g2 as much as my blackberry.

  • smarter than you

    @R32 – you're crazy – I am a 7 year BB loyal user – just switched over to
    htc g2 and this phone is awesome. best phone on the market today. blows BB away. – my wife now has my BB Bold and everytime i go back to it to show her something it feels like i went back to the stone age.

  • R32chaos

    I have been a Blackberry user since 2004. I remained loyal to T-mobile, waiting patiently for a hardware keyboard on a good Android phone. So, I purchased the G2 4 days ago. I have been having constant trouble, 2 times factory reset, & some Android 2.2 defects. Consequently I am very disappointed.
    The keyboard is not only hard to grab but the reach is also painfully inconvenient. The curvature around the phone makes it very difficult to slide out the keyboard & it happens suddenly in a snap; causing the hand to slip, touch the screen, & end up in a different screen altogether. This design flaw is hard to get accustomed to. The keyboard scissor action otherwise works very well & the phone looks & feels very high quality indeed!
    Upon rotating the phone, the screen remains stuck in the previous orientation (landscape or portrait) until you smack it a couple of times with frustration; this I found to be obviously buggy, despite 2 factory resets in 4 days.
    While on a phone call; if the screen turns off to save power, you have to go through a serious exercise to unlock the screen, find the phone call section by going through 3-4 steps, & then disconnect the call, grab another call, et cetera. I tried to find ways to get accustomed to it but in the end it is just a very poor software design.
    Battery life absolutely sucks! I have to charge it a minimum of 3 times a day in simple ordinary use. Why should I have to disconnect HSPA+, Bluetooth, & WiFi, just to save battery life; after all, isn’t that the reason this phone was purchased in the first place? A phone of this caliber should have had minimum of 1500mah battery; & even that is too low for a phone with all the capabilities.
    LED indicator does not signal a new SMS, Email, Blue Tooth connectivity, or that the phone might be ringing in silent mode. I find this a very convenient feature in Blackberry phones.
    Unlike the wonderful convenience of Blackberry phones, Android/G2 does not offer profile customization such as, “Silent”, “Normal”, “Loud” & “Vibrate”. In Blackberry, a user could further customize the settings under each profile, such as ring tone & ringer volume for each linked Email account, SMS, Yahoo Messenger, Blackberry Messenger, & even MMS. Android was supposed surpass RIM in all categories, not give us a lesser product because Android does not offer such conveniences.
    Android 2.2 serious deficiencies: It lacks the convenience of spell check & auto-text feature. Both of these are fantastic features on the Blackberry. Copying & pasting is a very stressful process & not possible in most cases. The number one defect & the deal breaker: When I save a contact with multiple phone numbers , where the numbers need to have “,” for adding a wait time in case of calling card number to be dialed first before making the international call (e.g., 555-555-5555,1-555-555-5555), Android 2.2 will not display them for dialing because of their format. Although the numbers get saved under the contact’s profile, & I confirmed this, but those numbers will not be visible for dialing, except for the “Mobile” number. The format of adding “,” to create a 2 second wait time is supported by Android 2.2 & works fine when I dial only the number saved under “Mobile” for the contact, but not for any other numbers. Blackberry has always supported this feature for all of the phone numbers available under a given contact’s profile.
    Compare to Blackberry, everything in this phone is VERY stressful to navigate through. From going to dialing screen, SMS screen, Email screen, scrolling through contacts, lack of prominent indicator of having received an SMS or an Email, & most of all in Blackberry I can link up several Gmail accounts & all of them will have a separate icon, not in Android!
    Google Android 2.2 developers, listen up: Please correct the contact phone number format issue so that a person can add a calling card number, a wait time, then the calling card PIN number, another wait time, & then the international number; all in one field & for all of the contact’s phone numbers such as, Home, Work, Mobile, et cetera.
    Add auto-text feature & Spellcheck. Auto-text is a very, very cool & convenient feature in Blackberry because you can create your own texts. Here is an example:
    I type “PCM”, the screen shows “Please call me when you get a chance…”
    This way a user can create several commonly used set of words & assign them to codes; this saves a great deal of time & key strokes.
    This phone should not just be able to play cool games, its primary function needs to remain phone calls, text messaging, & emailing.
    Lastly, I cannot wait to go back to my Blackberry 8700; it has the best physical design albeit very ancient technology.

  • chris `

    i love balls

  • reader

    Jon, I don't know where you get your info from, but if the same source gives you stock tips then good luck…

  • Ronald Torbert

    you are wrong. that would be the HTC MyTouch; the fully touchscreen version of the G1. they are now coming out with the G2, which still has the keyboard. here is a site full of pictures of the new HTC G2.

  • Jon

    G2 is the HTC Magic, tmobile have just rebranded it to fit in with their G line.
    Vodafone exclusive period for the Magic has ran out so tmobile have brought it in now.