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T-Mobile HTC G2: 4G speeds on HSPA+ network

The T-Mobile G1 was the first Android handset, but is now showing its age, as it is almost two years old. I know someone with one and he still hangs on to it – even though the screen is cracked and it now runs slow. However, we are excited to learn that T-Mobile has launched the new HTC G2 websites.

The websites is just a place to allow you to register your interest for the T-Mobile G with Google. The carrier has a nice slogan saying, “Continue the revolution.” We are very excited about the new handset, as it will offer 4G speeds on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network.

The website will offer more details soon, so for now we can only speculate what the design will look like and what hardware choices HTC and T-Mobile will go for. One thing is certain, it will need to be special, as the G2 will be competing against the Samsung Epic 4G, Droid X, Pro and Incredible and the EVO 4G.

So will the G2 just be a touch phone or stick with the touch and physical keyboard as the original handset? Another pressing question, will the new Android smartphone come with the new 1.5GHz processor?

Register your interest here



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