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Samsung Epic 4G: Sprint Reserve Slots Gone – Did you get one?

For those of you who are still waiting in line for a Samsung Epic 4G handset from Sprint, we have some important news for you. It turns out that Sprint’s reservation slots for the device have already been taken.

As reported from Phandroid, Sprint’s website now states that they will no longer be taking any more names down to reserve the highly anticipated device, but did offer customers the option of signing up to be notified when the device is available to buy.

If you are still hoping to pick one up on the August 31st launch date, then you might have better luck heading to third party stores, The Shack, Best Buy and Amazon, as they will all be stocking the Epic 4G on that date too.

How many of you managed to reserve one directly with Sprint though? Consider yourself lucky if you did.


  • Crawdaddct

    My wife Pre ordered from Best Buy yesterday. Second in line at that store.

  • moises

    sprint just need to get rid of that stupid mail in rebate.

  • Samsung
  • JCSanDiego

    So how can someone tell me how can you be consider lucky if you reserved with Sprint if Best Buy and The Shack have the phone for 250 without rebates?
    I think Sprint is the worst option so far because you have to wait for the mail in rebate.

  • Skeptic

    I would advise you to wait before purchasing the epic or hold onto your receipt. Sprint and samsung are trying a little to hard to sell the phone. The Samsung Galaxy series has a GPS flaw, in that the GPS does not locate you. They tell you to reset the app to, but that only gives you your roundabout location from sprint and does not track when you move. Samsung promises a fix in September, but since this problem has been around from the end of April or sooner why haven't done anything. I can think of two reasons…1. The problem is harder than they are letting on or 2. They don't care. Seems odd you would except customers to give you 250 with the promise of a GPS fix. In my opinion, if it is not in your contract samsung is not obligated to fix the issue and they most likely will not.

    • Matthew

      From what my tech friend state at the samsung the bug is not in the epic. it was fixed before it is released. the other galaxy phone that have been release earlier this year will receive there fix in September.

    • Correction guy

      Several hands on reviews said that GPS issue does not exist with Epic 4G, unlike the other Galaxy phones like Captive and Vibrant.

    • kim

      Or, why fix a problem on only part of their Galaxy series phones???????????? Once the Epic is released… and they allow the update, which they have already planned to 2.2 to go onto the epic… problem fixed.

  • DCPhilly

    I'm a Sprint Premier Customer and had the chance to reserve mine on August 12th, the day before the general public. I'm really excited about this phone, hope it doesn't disappoint!!.

  • TonyL

    I Pre-ordered from Sprint the first day and then cancelled it after I pre-ordered from Best Buy. No need to deal with rebates (took over a month for my EVO $100 rebate) when I can get an immediate credit. Can't wait for the wife and I to try video chat.

  • Guest

    I reserved at radio shack yesterday. There is no MIR to send in with them, the price is simply $250. You can probably still get the phone there too.

    • EpicFreak

      is that for upgrades also? or just new sprint customers?

  • EpicyEpicerson

    yes i did….actually one day before the official in-store reserve date, i got an email as a prem cust to reserve it online 🙂

  • Shadowspec

    Got mine reserved on the 12th, just hope it live up to the xpectations.

    Then news of Sprint jumping from WiMax to LTE, IF they make the jump; how is this going to leave the Epic; being a Wimax phone and all?

    Either way, I'll have mine on launch!!!

    • Matt

      The LTE switch even if they implement this year will take a while to launch nationally, I think you would be fine over the 2 year commitment of the EPIC.

      • Crawdaddct

        Clear is already trying out WiMax 2. It isn't going anywhere. Clear believes they have enough bandwidth to run both WiMax and LTE.

    • ByeSprint

      Have you ever spent much time using Sprint's WiMax 4G? If you did you'd realize why they're thinking LTE like everyone else. It sucks. It basically brings them up to AT&T's 3G.

  • tomer

    I reserved one as soon as I saw Sprint post it up so I can't wait to get my hands on this powerhouse! Anyway, I’ve spoken with representatives from Sprint, Radio Shack, and Best Buy. I was speaking with them about what phone I should get, the Htc Evo, or the Samsung Epic 4G. All 3 store representatives told me the same answer, while the HTC Evo has a better camera and is slightly larger, the Epic is a better phone and faster. So they all told me to go with the Epic. And I did. Do you think I made the right decision? In other words do you agree with them?

    • Matt

      The EPIC is an amazing device, I think it all comes down to preference in the long run. You couldn't go wrong with either, I haven't decided yet on the EPIC or EVO yet.

    • kim

      I had the Evo for about a month and just couldn't get used the touch keyboard… I dont know why, because I was pretty quick on the iphone keyboard for the last 4 years. Evo is cool, but the epic is only .3"smaller and a cell phone camera is a cell phone camera 🙂 the evo doesnt have a front facing camera at all like the Epic, weak or not 🙂 I can't wait to get mine!


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