PES 2011 Vs. FIFA 11: Release Date Battle

By Jamie Pert - Aug 18, 2010

The FIFA versus Pro Evolution Soccer battle has been around for some while, but with Konami announcing the European release dates for it’s next football sim — PES 2011 — the game will go head to head with FIFA by being released just one day before EA’s FIFA 11.

According to Konami, PES 2011 will go on sale in Europe on September 30, which is just one day before EA Sports release their PS3, 360, Wii, DS, PSP and PS2 versions of FIFA 11.

For some other reason, the UK will have to wait until October 8 for a PES 2011 release that is scheduled to come out for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

PS2, PSP and Wii gamers who are interesting in purchasing will have to wait until an unspecified date that will come along sometime in October.

So the question is, who will win the game? FIFA or PES? Guess we will have to wait until kick-off time to find out. Which one will you buy?

Source: Spong

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  • D-MAN

    ive played both FIFA 11 and PES 11 but FIFAs better. im not sayin PES is crap but FIFAs better.and ive liked PES for 9 years or so now but scnce FIFA 09 came out FIFAs been better

  • irfan bachdim

    PES is much better when compared with FIFA.
    whether judged from the graph and game tactics
    PES offers the most realistic football game, while Fifa, they do not think that football game that they created more like fiction. in FIFA, there are football games that are not possible in the real football world.
    PES is the best !!!!! 2 thumbs up for PES!!
    2 thumbs down for FIFA!!

  • srj3

    can everyone who likes pes better shut up we know fifa is better start playing pes11 it sux like hell how could you pick pes for fifa . try fifa11 the real game you can even be the goalie my family loves fifa and hates litterly hates pes is this a joke people are sayin pes instead of fifa .fifa is clearly 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 x's better comm'n are people using there brains or wat fifa 11 is more realistic who likes pes11 pes10 is way better than pes11 but fifa is better than all the pes combined. and dont you dare give me a bad because before you do check out the game first and then your most likely gonna change your mind so go fifa o you can play career mode you can play as the whole team or use a created or a regular player or a pro which is a player who comes in the game and is officialy part of the game like any other player so if you like pes your a ass or a ass*****

  • bob

    pes 2011 this year is playable after few years of dissapointment! fifa has been favorite game recently and better one arguably, but trust me pro evo has got much deeper and realistic gameplay and scoring goals more exciting, true! Fifa is better on the rest.. so its the matter of your choice!

  • Omid

    PES 11 is for professionals but FIFA 11 is for amateurs……

  • Guest

    Looking to get one of these for my 11 yr old daughter, which one is easier to just pick up and play, meaning like simpler controls, etc?

  • emma

    yes did pes 2011 come on ps2

  • Kym

    PES better than FIFA ???ROTFL…PES is for noobs…Fifa stay in the lead in everything…look at reviews and talk,i played pes since ISS to PES 6 (best PES by far).

  • wanna different

    i just wnt to say PES need to change the ball's curling like FIFA did. OK for instance i want to shoot the ball perhaps volley(it is true i spell?) or other techqnie of soccer's ball's movement… that all

  • benny_toon

    At the end of the day PES has ALWAYS been the better game. Im talking about years and years ago. Having said that I was dissapointed with the last 2 (PES 2009, PES 2010) and people were saying that FIFA is king. Having played both PES 2011 is a huge improvement. Konami have obiously realised that FIFA was FINALLY catching up and they have completely redesigned the passing, shooting, floating of the ball, tackling and space on the pitch. FIFA is like FIFA 10.5, whereas PES 2011 is a completely different game to PES 2010.

    At the end of the day if you usually watch golf or basket ball or something and you want something that has good commentary and licences and is easy to play and score on choose FIFA. If you love football, are obsessed with a real team, want a challenging and realistic football sim there really is only one choice. Pes 2011.

  • Sammy

    Fifa- if u want more licensed teams, better commentary, better graphics, and just fun gameplay…the matches are short(only 10 mins)
    PES- if u want more realistic experience, better control, more immersion, and u must really hav a great football brain to play this.
    Just play both demos and dont read this reviews..and convince ur self..
    if u are new to football, u would like Fifa..but
    If u are into football proper and understand "the beautiful game", PES is clearly better….
    You will be so involved and immersed trying to break open defences, the thing is tougher, but they need to improve on the commentary(that should be the biggest thing for 2012)…
    but just play both games….and u'd see that PES is better if u really love football…dont mind the guys here talking trash…some pple dont play these games…

  • Pete

    I personally have no problems buting both and really just want a good game.. have always been dissapointed with fifa- the reviews for fifa 10 were sick and thought it was goung to be great game however again unfortantely didnt enjoy although could see some potenetial… I only rented for 2 weeks so didnt get into that much but games played seemed ok at best..maybe it would get better with time.

    PES 09 was great for bout a year then i realized that I only enjoyed playing with two teams.. Brazil and Villa and to be fair now im bored of both…

    Hopefully both games will be great as Im happy to buy both.. although ill probably get pes & fifa 10 on the cheap..4 me PEs still is the better game atm but both could improve!

  • lekson boy

    i have to admit fifa 11 is probably better in terms of the way the players move but in terms of player likeness and gameplay pes kicks ass. fifa gets boring after a while because it looks so looks as if the players are being controlled by someone. pes is just ubelievabl good and fun. thers nutin beta than the joy of scorin a 25 yard shot or freekick or the joy of a last munite winner in become a legend or a 30 yard wonder yard or volley. buy pes best game ever

  • Footballholic.

    Both are good game but Fifa is boring after you know where to score.
    If you like Fifa buy Fifa if you like PES buy PES…. Challange 10 of your friends with both games and you'll know which1 to buy. ENJOY!

  • qayyum

    thanks ps2

  • khan

    did pes2011 come in ps2?

  • Danny

    FIFA is easily the worst game I’ve ever played! every year I buy FIFA and pro Evo and pro is FAR better! I don’t understand why people like FIFA every player on the game is exactly the same even though the stats are different for example today when I was on it o was Barcelona and I was running down the wing with messi , xabi alonso was 5 yards behind messi yet still caught him , what the fuck is that about ? Also I noticed that when I was going around players and was past them they still somehow manage to tackle me which should be impossible ? The passing system on FIFA is terrible and so is the shooting system . Pro evo is about 1000000000 times better – good shooting system , good passing system , skillfull players can actually take players on . FIFA 2/10 pro evo 9/10. One bad thing about pro that I will admit is that it is terrible online

  • Alex

    Having played both I'd say there is absolutely no comparison.. PES is laughable compared to FIFA these days.

  • Junikram

    Played both and i feel fifa just a standard football game like pes 10 years ago, while pes now more about strategy on gameplay.

  • No comparisson. PES is just perfection imaculate in every way. Master League is a new Religion. Shingo 'Seabass' Takatsuka Rulezz, and already for a decade with Winning Eleven (Hence club; WE United ). Who cares 'bout the "Official" Fifa's vaginal reject this Year. EA Sports is loosing ground EVERY year, 'coz of the Robotic gameplay. PES 2011 is how The game should be played and that's why it's so sinnfully adictive. The truth is I even became a better player in real thanks to the engines AI gameplay. And even the Trax become better. Hope Adriano Robeiro Leite (AS Roma) will also improve, except his body balance that makes him "El Imperador".
    Keep on Pessing. Release-date in Belgium=TODAY. Enjoy. 🙂

  • ade

    noobs!!! Here is your answer…

    Fifa difficulty level = Pes Beginners.

    • hello

      Lol now thats comedy, seriously i want to get fifa but when i played the demo it seemed like every single player (ohh yes i do mean every) has the same technique and they run the same e.g (lionel messi runs slow proof john terry was on the half way line and messi was close to the box and you know what happend JT COUGHT UP WITH MESSI) and took the ball i call that UNREALISTIC. i prefer PES but i will get fifa and give it another go. plus its only my opinion everyone has opinions.

  • gregstar

    who ever says pes is better then fifa is dumb i stoped playing pes since pes4 after that they seem to have forgoten how ro make the game better i would honestly rather play the old pes then the new ones i mean the way the players run in pes they look like robots every single player runs the same way wdf fifa is just to realistic and to good pes arcade game fake in everything the commentators are shaittttttttttt half the time they nt even talk come onnnnnnn.

  • Gaby

    Let's see the situation this way over the last 5 years i played both fifa and pes and i can infer that every year Pes redesigned the gameplay in order to offer a better game experience (players faces , player edit , become a legend mode, the racious between players and pitch,realistic pshysics improved every year ) on the other hand Fifa preserved the same graphic engine all the way improving just some visual clitches ,adding new players,new teams , new championships,but the game modes remains prety the same over the years receiving no attention and no major improvements. Now let's pass on to the 2011 year wich brings us a completly different fifa wich includes best player and ball pshysics ever seen in both games 360 degree passing briliant ball control and dribling ,players understanding each other,the atmosfere is just great and comentary as well ,referees just as good .Let's see what Pes 11 brings now…. we also find the new 360 degree passing system but the players don't respond to these passes as well as in fifa 11 like there is no chemistry , good graphics and pshysics as we are used too:D but the big difference come from the new improvements brought to become a legend mode wich is just sublime with custom tricks assigned to keyboard , coach interacting as well as others players interacting , great player evolution .So this year the difference will be in which game brings more diversity in modes palyers can play.My final verdict after playing 5 years every fifa and pes series is that Fifa finaly has showed up with a great gaming experince to match with the one Pes has been offering for 2 years with 2009 and 2010 series , and as long as i am concerned the only difference this year will be made at what every gamemode has to offer in order to captivate a player in this case pes 11 will outrun fifa thanx to their inovative career modes.Both games rock !

  • stoker94

    used to be a pes man but changed 2 years ago to fifa due to presure from my son. im unsure what to buy this year . can anyone help me decide ?

  • Spraynard Kruger

    I've played both the demos for a decent amount of time but I'm finding FIFA 11 to be the better game so far. All the people saying it's just FIFA 10 with some new animations don't have a clue what they're talking about. The tempo of the game has been changed entirely, defenders are generally smarter so through balls become more difficult, shooting looks and feels more natural and realistic, and passing has been significantly improved. Don't get me wrong, I don't think realism make for good games, but when it feels right, it allows for better gameplay.

    PES feels good, and I admire that it's kept that slightly arcade feel from Pro Evo past. Pro Evo used to be the best game in terms of gameplay for a long time, but they really dropped the ball. This year's iteration does certainly feel like a step forward though, at last. They've actually changed the animations. It was fun to play, but not as fun as FIFA. Comparing last years versions of both games, the online on FIFA was far superior, even if the players weren't-

    I'm getting FIFA, and unless they really fuck up the series, I don't see myself going back to PES anytime soon

  • StB

    I have just played the demo of Fifa 11 on PS3 and I am very impressed. The feel to the game is very different to any game (Fifa or PES) before. When a player receives the ball you just 'know' from his reactions and control whether he can take on players or not, or just have to pass it to keep possession. I also noticed it is much harder to take on good defenders than poor ones (eg John Terry) and they really track your movements and hustle for the ball. The whole game feels like you are in control of a 'squad' and not just 11 same players – therefore feels like a proper match. You have to now think about how to attack using the players available and not just run at the defense!

    I have not yet played PES 11 Demo; but looking forward to it!

    I have played previous versions of Fifa and PES a lot in the past – so looking forward to this battle. Might have to end up getting both games as I expect Fifa will provide 'real' tactics and PES will provide more 'action' to play with my friends against.

  • holysmokes

    i am playing review code now of fifa 11 and i have to say it's freakin amazing. it is hands down the best football game i have ever played. i have also played the new pes and it just doesn't cut it sorry. this is coming from someone who played pes over fifa for the last 8 years.

  • Mister FIFA

    I love this war, and honestly, a mate of mine played both FIFA11 and PES11 and he's been a PES man all his (gaming) life. And he came to the conclusion that FIFA11, made him feel like he was controlling a real match, and PES well didn't. I myself am terribly bias to FIFA11 I have all FIFA-games since FIFA Road to World Cup '98. And honestly, pick whichever fits you best, the fans will keep both games alive.

    • neddycgoon

      Totally agree with your mate Mister Fifa the new game feels very very right compared to last years release which was just a dressed up version of Fifa 09

    • Bassam

      I'm A PES Fan But I agree With U..Its just Personal preference…Both Games R Great…Its what U like Best…Well Said

  • bob

    I used to favour pes as it used to be the better game, 2006 ,7 & 8 were far superior to the fifa games at the time but since ea sports brought out fifa 09 there has been no contest, pes is a very poor alternative to fifa. Its just for some reason people who play and love pes are really stubborn and think they are some sort of football gaming gods, they cant seem to look past the tricks on fifa which really arent a very important part of the gameplay if you are any good at it. Fifa is exciting to play, no game is ever the same and after playing the new demo extensively it seems like it is only going to get better!

  • nepstier

    Played both. FIFA is by far the best.

    • lakkos 23

      pes is better far than fifa

    • bob

      fifa is a good game and the best in last few years! but this year pro evo2011 is good game too! I think it got more realistic gameplay and exciting too. I bought pro evo after 4 years and not dissapointed, well done konami this year!

  • Kris

    The battle between PES and FIFA is good for gaming. Both teams have to perform well in making a good game overall, or they will loose fans and income. PES has a wonderful gameplay concept, which assembles real football in how you need to move on the field to beat your opponent. FIFA has all the rights to names and leagues worldwide so they choose a more mainstream approach, and offer lots of fancy playertricks in games. I prefer PES, but I think PES would never have been as good as it is, had it not been for FIFA having the upper hand on liscences. They had to survive on the game’s integrity, in terms of gameplay. And they did! Today PES is pressuring FIFA on the market shares, But FIFA is still in the lead, I think.

    • Ayobami (Mophizzle)

      Totally respect your analysis (Pes and fifa)

  • a12

    pes 11 has best thiong become a legend

  • Pfan

    Fifa doesn't change gameplay because they think it's good.. but it stinks… fifa is shit… big shit.. pes rulez!!!!!!!!!!!…

  • p-raa

    Ive played PES 11 … and im Addicted to it. FIFA is not fun , i think its for ameuter football game players , hence why its easy to play. i played fifa last year


    PES !!!

    • pesss 2011

      yes mate finally sum1 with sum sense fifas shit

    • bob

      yes pro evo is back.. its still frustrating at times but is the best pro evo yet and let celebrate! well done this time!

  • Ian

    As fifa 10 doesn’t let me play any of my friends online i will be getting pes this year.

    • Kevin

      Pes is the best in the world. And ‘ll continue its reign. I’ve played both fifa and pes. And obviously i’ve been attracted to pes’s game play and its players’s skills. Pes wil win the race ahead of fifa

  • odane

    pes is better than fifa 10 honestly the game play is kool and the players and field is realistic than fifa trust me pro evolution soccer is the best football i ever play

  • kidderbeannn

    fifa has a horribly frustrating physics engine and in game play, most people are just too stupid to notice. i'd say it's better, but i could never play it for the long run. from what I've seen of fifa 11, it's just fifa 10 with a few modifications to the skill attributes and individual talents. pes 11 allegedly has a completely new system, which takes a lot more skill to master, but once mastered allows you to be incredibly fluid and creative, which fifa has never allowed, and apparently never will. but this is just reports from prototypes! so who knows how the final products will be. but one things for sure, it might actually be a very close call for once!

    • dan

      yes, fifa may have the same gameplay system for the simple fact that it works. Every year pes seem to create a new gameplay system. Why? The simple answer is the one before failed. Which shows fifa is the better game that doesn't need much tweaking because fifa10 was so good

      • LOL

        LOL! it works? LOOOOOL!

  • FOPA

    3/4" caps lock located left side of your keyboard, you complete and utter spastic twat!

    • ttttttpppp


    • lekson

      thank you my god where i live am like one of the only two pes fans its outrageous

  • ttttttpppp


    • helder

      fifa is shit m8 PES rules and always has ruled