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Mass Effect 2 (PS3): DLC Hints and Introduction Content

We have more on the groundbreaking announcement of Mass Effect 2 on the PS3, as Bioware boss Ray Muzyka has spoken in a recent interview at GamesCom, revealing that the PS3 version is getting some special introduction content.

As reported from VG247, this introduction content is aimed at those gamers who are coming into the Mass Effect franchise without experiencing the first title on the Xbox 360. While he didn’t go into specifics on the content, Muzyka did say that they will be providing a ‘seamless introduction’ to the game.

Here is a portion from his GamesCom interview: ”We’re making sure there’s a nice introduction experience, that provides the back-story and the things that have happened up to that point in the universe, and makes it a really seamless introduction.”

Furthermore, the Bioware boss also confirmed that there will be DLC available for the PS3 version, as well as access to the Cerberus Network. Whether or not there will be new content for the PS3 version over the Xbox 360 version though, remains to be seen.

Let us know your thoughts on this, full details over at VG247.


  • jack stevens

    Hey bioware. We dont want just a back story (although thats nice) we want mass effect 1 on PS3 also. I dont even care if it's only released on the PSN network.

    • Rowan Carley

      They can't release Mass Effect 1 on PS3 because the console version was published by Microsoft. Microsoft won't allow them to. The 2nd game is published by EA and EA obviously prefer to have their games available on as many platforms as possible.


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