Kia Pop EV Concept: Zero-emissions like Nissan Leaf

The 2010 Paris Motor Show begins next month and you can be certain that the trend will be electric vehicles. We have news for you that Kia will be there offering us more details on the Pop Concept, which is a zero-emissions car just like the Nissan Leaf.

Autoblog was sent a press release today announcing this 10-foot three seater, but not much else. The only other information we have for you is that the vehicle will be designed as though it is something from the future – very fitting as we approach the release of the new Tron movie.

We are not certain if Kia will put the driver in the middle, but it looks to me that this would be their only option – so will be a little like driving the original McLaren F1 – well without having all that power and grip at your disposal.

The 2010 Paris Motor Show begins on September 30th and runs until October 17th, so not that long to wait for all the details. What do you expect from the Kia Pop EV Concept?


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