HTC Droid Incredible Android 2.2 Update: Not today say Verizon

By Peter Chubb - Aug 18, 2010

Time and time again we all fall into the trap about a rumor, the latest one was that the Android 2.2 Froyo update for the HTC Droid Incredible was coming today. However, the Verizon support team left a message on Twitter saying that they have no such information yet.

We are all guilty of falling for the rumor, maybe we were all caught up in the moment and secretly hoped that it would happen, the strange thing is, we had seen reports on Twitter that some had received the OTA update – maybe they were telling lies?

Android Central understands that HTC Droid Incredible owners will be feeling a little bit unhappy right now, so suggests that you visit the forums to share in your foul mood. There is a consensus that the blame is on Verizon, which does make sense, as they are always the last to offer an update for a device.

A number of forum members suggest that you should root your Droid, that way you could enjoy the update right now. Are you disappointed not to have the update?

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  • Matt

    It is irritating. It's too late for me to exchange my phone now but I am kind of regretting that I didn't exchange it earlier for the Droid X. What do you all think, should I have gotten the Droid X?

  • Shane

    Froyo, no Froyo doesnt matter to me, but what does matter is that VZ had started an OTA with updates for the Incredible and then stopped, thats a bunch of BS. I want my damn phone to work like its supposed to, either release the patches, release Froyo.
    I want to actually be able to hear all the words the people i am talking to are saying, NOT every other word.
    Sick and tired of Waiting for Verizon to get off their asses and do stuff, friggin worse than ATT.

  • Sniperl3ait

    I know these updates take time, but their eamil said "within the next few weeks" Why do they have to act like little kids, saying "Hey we have the update and you dont…nanee nanee booboo…maybe will will share later." Give it a date, jeez, and if your not finished, then freaking say so don't loligag around and lead the rest of us on a goose chase. Hopefully the update comes soon, other wise Verizon may have a torch and pitchfork problem at their front doors.

  • Ladodger16

    yes I'm upset cause other android phones have it and the incredible being one of the best droids out there it sucks, that we cant get it upsetting especially when yoou here these rumors and you get excited n then disappointed.