HTC Droid Incredible: Android 2.2 Froyo Update – Twitter Feedback

By Alan Ng - Aug 18, 2010

We informed you a few days ago about a tipoff involving the highly anticipated update to Android 2.2 Froyo for all HTC Droid Incredible owners. Today is the day is it supposed to be happening – but how many of you actually think it will happen?

We haven’t heard any official details from either HTC or Verizon regarding the update, so it may be a case of fingers crossed in a few hours time.

If the update does happen, you’ll be able to check this Twitter page we’ve provided, which will give you all the latest feedback from other Droid Incredible users – basically, if the update goes live, you’ll know about it straight away.

Droid Incredible owners have got their hopes up before when waiting on Froyo, so today might be no different. Then again, the tipoff from Mashable seemed pretty promising, so you never know.

Are you waiting for the update today? Let us know if you receive a notification on your handset!

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  • Nothing yet for my incredible in Pittsburgh

  • Andyxaspikes

    Well to whoever wants to update now and dont wait here is all you need!!!!

  • Angst
  • anita

    Did not get update n I’m upset tried callin Verizon n was told it will appear automatically. Try checkin system updates,turn off ur phn, take the battery out!! Blah blah blah tired of the run around thinking of changing cell phn company’s.

  • Eric

    I talked with Verizon tonight and they said that it is not schedule as of yet and there has been no date for it's release. So I would say that it will come when it comes.

  • sampark1980

    12:40pm EST on 8/20 and I have not received anything to update on my Incredible.

    By the way, does anyone know if I will still get update notice if I have my phone rooted and running leaked version of 2.2? The leaked version works decent… There are a few bugs here and there and FC has gotten worse it feels like, but WIFI hotspot works well, Flash runs good, you can rotate the screen both ways for landscape view, and ChromePush is awesome. Also, once I installed it, I got an email say "Congratulations on getting a new Nexus One". I am guessing this leaked version is not really meant for the Incredible…

    • homicide is my name

      it won't you'll have to unroot your phone if you would like the update.

      • sampark1980

        I see. Well I guess I'll have to enjoy this version for now. It does run quite smoother overall than 2.1 for sure. Anyways, thanks!

  • nakedweatherman

    I got me some Ice cream !!! Chocolate with brownies in it… I bet the whole gallon is gone before there is any frozen yogurt to sink my tooth into…

    • Jon

      Haha 🙂

  • KSmith

    5:11 CST

  • Adam

    Nothing here

  • mojero

    My wife's Motorola Droid got the update at 3 am this morning.

  • verizonblows

    still nothing

  • Swacer

    I've gotten no update as of 9:02am EST on August 19th. Come on verizon.

  • Jim

    Where's my push!?

  • Babs

    My DROID got the update this morning and woke me up. Wow, a new learning curve.

  • Yea Right

    New rumor!! We are getting it tomorrow!

  • mavi

    No update yet on mine Droid Incredible yet,I will post it, if or once i receive it, i hope it contains 720p video

  • murphythadog

    I wish the Droid Incredible had the Check for Updates button like the BlackBerry Storm. It never did anything but it was fun to push.

    • Joe D

      its does have that feature… look again…. go to settings and about phone….

  • Mitchell

    I called Verizon today (August 18, 2010) and they had no indication when the release date would be for Froyo regarding the Droid Incredible. Needless to say, it was not today. Today's release was for a Motorola Droid instead. They did indicate that when it comes out, it would be an over the air update and that they are planning on releasing it to 400,000 phones at a time. The whole process will take several weeks to complete. You need to check the details before publishing a story to the public.

  • Joshj.

    Um… stocks anyone…. Its all about the market. If the stock spikes because consumers belive there is an update or a "iphone to be released on verizon" no one debunks the rumor because it will drop the stocks as it is it spikes them until the truth comes out. Lets be honest its all about the money.

    • homicide is my name

      Wow you are 100 percent retarded, you have proven to know absolutely nothing about stock markets. First of all this phone is already released, the Iphone 4 is already release. Verizon already has 2.2 on other android devices currently. This update has absolutely nothing to do with stock prices, nor would it effect them in such a way for them to gain an edge. 2.2 is already on Verizon are no new surprises. you are a retard never post again

  • Ima Lion

    Holy crap I was just sitting at my computer and my phone just rebooted and started loading some sort of update. Is this it? It says 2.2 now in setting>about phone>software

  • Ima Lion

    Holy crap I was just sitting at my computer and my phone just rebooted and started loading some sort of update. Is this it? It says 2.2 now in setting>about phone>software

    Finally, Verizon. What, did you want to sleep in??

  • Anthony

    Well I rooted my incredible to 2.2 a few days ago, I wonder if ill get the ‘real’ update or not. You guys will like the new boot animation though!

    • jeremy

      How do you root it to get 2.2

  • Eric B

    I got the Frodo update. Has anyone received that yet?

  • Tony

    I got the UPDATE…saying that I haven't gotten it yet.

  • Brian

    I keep checking my settings to see if there are any updates. nothing yet

  • Matt

    Does anyone kno if a notification will automatically pop up or do I have go into settings

    • Steve

      It will automatically pop up. There are ways to force a check for an update…numbers you dial. But I can't remember the numbers. They're on one of these boards somewhere. look for *#*#<num>#*#*

      • Brad

        It's *228 and then select option "1" to "program your phone"… it didn't update for me though. still 2.1-update1 *sigh*

  • Chris

    Did you do anything special (power cycle the phone, etc.) or did it just show up?

  • Ogden

    OMG I just got the update! I'm the happiest man in the world! OMG OMG!

    J.k 🙂

    • Kerrie


    • david

      Yeah, sure you did.

    • Rob

      Can you guys read? He put J.K. :)… if you don't know that means Just Kidding than how in the world would you handle Froyo on your phones??

  • Shaun

    Hey dude umm Verizon doesn't carry the iPhone.

  • SCHotline

    Ok we are ready for the 2.2 update to our Droid Incredible and the iPhone… Can Verizon handle either?

  • Rob

    The worst part to me is this… Verizon and HTC know the rumors have been for today, they know the hype that it caused, YET they refuse to confirm or deny the rumors. As a customer this should not be tolerated, just confirm or deny the update, not like they don't know.. But they can't do that cause they like the hype it causes.. jump little peons jump!!

  • rich

    I spoke to a rep with Verizon at 8 Central time and was told that Verizon is waiting for HTC to release the software. I then called HTC and was informed that the OS is property of the carrier and Verizon is still working out the bugs in the software. The HTC rep said Verizon is the slowest at releasing updates. No big surprise there. As far as what you hear from Mashable, take it with a shot of penicillin or a grain of salt or something. Believe me I'm as disappointed as everyone else out there. Best I can say is believe only what u actually have on your handset. The rest is hype.

  • Rob

    We all know its not going to be updated today… its the same shit different day.. its all hype

  • Shaun

    None yet for me right now… But as we all know Verizon may come out and say "Due to software errors the update will not launch as planned". This is a win Sprint users who have the Evo, as they got theirs almost two weeks ago. We are watching and waiting, please do not fail us oh Verizon gods of cell phones.