Dislike Button on Facebook: How to spot a scam

The latest Facebook scam was the “Dislike” button, which Jamie Pert covered in a recent article. Most of us knew before we clicked the button that it was a scam, but how do you spot a scam like this? This is an issue that needs to be addressed, as it is now becoming more widespread.

I thought that I would do some digging to see if there was any advice out there, thankfully Jared Newman from PC World wrote an article on this very subject yesterday. Newman noticed that there was a pattern to these scams, so once recognized will be easy to spot in the future.

The first thing to remember is to look out for posts that your friend would not normally post – so knowing that your friend is into R&B will mean that he or she will never send a post offering any details on Justin Bieber.

We have to point out that most of these scams will not do your computer any harm; they are just a means to earn money from you. Any damage that has been done can easily be removed. For full details in how to spot a scam visit PC World.



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