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160GB PS3 Slim: Titanium Blue Gran Turismo 5 Bundle

Yesterday we announced two important pieces of news from GamesCom 2010, Sony is to replace the 120GB version of the PS3 Slim with a larger 160GB model and the fact the Gran Turismo 5 will be released on November 5. So how could Sony offer any more exiting news?

The answer was simple, with a 160GB PlayStation 3 Slim Limited Edition Titanium Blue Gran Turismo 5 Bundle. This model will be available in Japan on launch day of the racing sim, and will cost ¥35,980 ($421). We do not know if this limited edition bundle will be released worldwide.

The bundle will consist of a 160GB PS3 Slim in Titanium Blue, along with the limited edition version of the Gran Turismo 5. JC Fletcher from Joystiq points out that this bundle is similar to the recent the Final Fantasy XIII Lightning edition.

Would you purchase this LE version if it were made available worldwide? Not sure that I am to hot on the choice of color – now maybe if it had a pearlescent finish.



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