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Xbox Live Gaming for Windows Phone 7: List of titles

Windows Phone 7 needs something special if it is to take on the might of Android and iPhone. Microsoft has something to help battle the might of those two, and that is with Xbox Live integration. Being able to offer Xbox gaming on a handset will certainly give the new mobile OS the push that it needs, but is it enough?

We have been kept in the dark as to what games will be made available on the new smartphones, but a list of titles has now been made available. There are certainly some big titles there, such as Assassin’s Creed, Guitar Hero and Halo.

Microsoft will even allow you to test out a demo of the game before you commit to buying the full version for the Windows Phone 7. It is little things like this that could help determine how popular a new product is going to be, and the early signs certainly look promising.

So far there are 63 Xbox Live titles for the new handsets, visit Electricpig for the full list. You will see that there is a mix of new and old titles. Do you think that’s gaming features will now make Microsoft’s mobile OS more relevant?



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