Solar Storms in 2012: Affects on our Electronic world

By Peter Chubb - Aug 17, 2010

We were recently bombarded with a solar storm, which we discussed in a recent post, and although we were not affected in a way that had been first reported – we should not under estimate how damaging these storms can be.

To me this is just a warning of what’s to come, so I felt I needed to dig a little deeper, and I wish I never. An article on Jakarta Post written back in February looks at when he next major solar storm will be, and it comes as no coincidence that it will be in 2012 – the same year when the Mayan calendar ends.

Scientists have studied what sort of affects the storm will cause, and it does not look good due to our dependency on electronics. It is believed that our satellites could age by 50 years, and mobile communications and GPS could be affected the most. According to a recent report from LAPAN, the flare would have the same power as “100 million hydrogen bombs.”

It is believed that the storm would last for two days, but in that time would have a serious effect on our economy. As yet we cannot tell when a storm is coming but LAPAN is working on a warning system. Do you think that this is just scare mongering, or could a solar storm be as harmful as what they say? A word of warning, do not watch Knowing after reading this.

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  • Me reading

    perhaps it would be prudent at this point in time to revert back to the older technologies ie valve radios as I believe that these systems are not effected.

  • BP watching

    Now that we are seeing the effect of them, what group of inventors are coming up with ideas to protect us from the interferences that we are and will be experiencing ? couldn't a chip that blocks the excess electrons and neutrons that we are, and will be bombarded with, help, causing all kinks of problems. We have come to rely on electronics to do our magic for us, TVs radios, computers in all our appliances and electricity its self. Having our own power supply by wind or sun will help but we would have to have a surge protectors or something, thats a thought.