Shelby 2011 Ultimate Aero: Supercar September debut

The Shelby Ultimate Aero supercar is one fast car, so much so that it even challenged the Bugatti Veyron for a while – that’s was until the Super Sport version was released. However, there was one issue with the current Aero, it is ugly.

Shelby plan to rectify this by launching the new 2011 Supercar Ultimate Aero, and we hope that they have worked harder on its looks. We have found this with a number of carmakers who work more on aerodynamic efficiency and not on its looks.

The new Aero announcement will come in September, so we have to wait until then to see what the 2011 version will look like. However, Engadget recently learned that Shelby has acquired the skills of designer Jason Castriota for the upcoming model.

When you visit the Shelby website we get to see a tiny part of the 2011 Ultimate Aero, which looks to us to be just a section of the front fascia. Do you think that the new Aero will compete with the Veyron in looks and speed?



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