Resistance 3: Official Teaser Trailer Video

By Jamie Pert - Aug 17, 2010

In late 2006 Insomniac Games’ Resistance: Fall of Man was published and released by Sony, this first-person shooter proved to be popular with PS3 gamers, therefore it was unsurprising to see Resistance 2 released in 2008, now at this year’s Gamescom Insomniac and Sony have release a teaser trailer for Resistance 3.

We have embedded this trailer at the end of this post, there is no gameplay footage to talk about, instead it is a live action trailer with elements from the upcoming game added into the video.

If you check out the video embedded below and look carefully you can see some CGI, it starts at exactly 1 minute into the video and if you check out the YouTube comments you can see it is certainly getting Resistance fans excited.

Full details are unsurprisingly scarce, however we can expect a PS3 release sometime in 2011, as we find out more we will keep you posted.

Check out the video embedded below, has this overloaded you with excitement?

Source: YouTube

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