New iPad 2: 7-inch tablet by Christmas?

By Peter Chubb - Aug 17, 2010

We recently mentioned that Apple is already working on a smaller iPad; more news has come-to-light that the 7-inch iPad 2 tablet will be with us by Christmas. This is hard to believe, why would Apple launch the new tablet device one-month before its current cycle?

Dan Nystedt from IDG News has written on PC World stating that a recent Taiwanese newspaper report is now the second report of an early release – so is there some truth into these latest rumors? The idea of a smaller iPad certainly makes sense, as it will be ideal for those who feel that the current iPad is just too large.

We do not know if there will be any changes to the design of the iPad, will it come with a front-facing camera to utilize FaceTime, or more RAM as the iPhone 4 has? These are all questions that will not get answered until Apple decided to unveil the details – not unless one gets left in a bar by mistake.

Maybe Apple will release a new smaller iPad just before Christmas; this would be the perfect time for a sales boost. This could help them gain back some of the revenue lost for supplying free iPhone 4 cases and bumpers.

What do you expect from the new 7-inch iPad?

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