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Mass Effect 2 on PS3: Xbox 360 Owners Jealous?

It has been rumored for months, but now we can finally confirm that Mass Effect 2 will be coming to the Sony Playstation 3 after all. EA made the announcement at GamesCom 2010, the only bad news is that PS3 gamers will have to wait a while until it is released.

Considering that this is a pretty big deal, it is no surprise that EA unleashed their announcement trailer to go along with the bombshell. It confirms that Mass Effect 2 will be released on the PS3, sometime in January 2011.

However, we didn’t hear any news on whether the first Mass Effect title will be coming to the PS3 or not, but you would think it would make pretty good sense for EA to make it available due to the connecting storylines.

What are your initial thoughts on the announcement? Did you really see it coming, or is this a total surprise to you? After reporting on countless rumors, I have to say that I had my doubts on whether we would see the franchise on Sony’s console, but I am pleasantly surprised.

What does this mean for Microsoft? From what started out as a console exclusive on the Xbox 360, the title is now making it’s way to the PS3 – will other games follow suit? Gabe Newell, what have you started??

Let us know what you think of this.

PS3 owners are obviously delighted with the news, but are Xbox 360 owners slightly jealous?


  • t a ali

    give use killzone 3 for the 360

  • chupakrika

    i hope halo comes to ps3

  • Nick VanderKooi

    I must say. Mass Effect 1 was an awesome game. But I got rid of my Xbox 360 for a PS3. And in great timing too. Even though I could not get a chance to play Mass Effect 2, I can now in Jan. 2011. Its great! I got rid of my Xbox 360 because of the membership payment and you get PS3, you get a great graphics and a Blue Ray Player. It was worth my money. Nowadays, Xbox 360 is having the Kinetic (which will fail I am sorry to say; there won’t be any shooting games for Kinetic (its too complicated and people have too much high hopes). Exclusives are not really a big deal. For example, for only PS3 owners, Medal of Honor will have a remake of Medal of Honor: Frontline. Who cares? Its the same game just better graphics. Just play it on PC for cheap price or play the Gamecube, Xbox, or PS3 version. Its kind of smart for Mass Effect not have the first game for the PS3. The 2nd and 3rd installment WILL be released. I found out in my GameInformer. Also note: Halo fans? I am terribly sorry but Bungie is not making Halo 4. Someone else is. I can’t release that information though. In Conclusion, Mass Effect should be shared with all. They need the money to keep the economy and the game economy running. If it wasn’t for the increasing membership payment, the decreasing amount of “good” games, the increase of more “kid-friendly” games, the lack of Blue Ray or any HQ DVD player, or such, I would get another Xbox 360. The newer one.

  • smashattack

    I have a 360 myself, and I got to play what could be the greatest game in history (in my opinion lol) one year before any ps3 players even dreamt of playing it on their consoles. NOTE: 1 year before the announcement; who knows how long it'll be before actual release? PS3ers also don't get Mass Effect 1, so they dont get import, one of the coolest parts of the game, that makes you feel like you actually mattered int hat universe. Bioware hasnt even announced if ME3 is an exclusive or not. It could be that ME3 is an exclusive, and ps3ers will go buy a 360 to play that awesome game 😀

  • marhorn

    1 week until Halo Reach!!! (and that wasnt me in the reply)

  • Mista Wicket

    If you are a PS owner, & you are thinking of getting this game, as a 360 & PS3 owner, I have to advise you to play ME 1 first! If you have to borrow a friends 360 & rent it, or even get the PC version, this is a series that was meant to be experienced as a whole… not from the middle.

    I can say the only reason this is happening is because EA bought Bioware, however now all of my PS3 friends do get to experience one of the most amazing titles on 360. I'm just saying it will be better if you experience it from the beginning… Your choices / actions carry over & affect the story in the sequels.

  • Scoob101

    "but are Xbox 360 owners slightly jealous?"

    Childish, pointless, purile, flamebait. Grow up. Seriously.

  • Rick

    wow… omg…. i totally respect that xbox owners are actually congratulating ps3 owners on getting the game…. no trolling, name calling, flaming… etc. and understanding that EVERYONE wins in the gaming industry 😀 hmmm… will we see a turn around for the xbox 360/ps3 relationship????

  • JasonB

    Jealous? Why? I played the game a year before PS3 players are going to be able to. I can still play the original, while Microsoft has confirmed that the first Mass Effect will remain exclusive (regarding consoles, not PC) to the 360. Being a port of a 360 game, I'm sure the PS3 version will not be superior in any technical respect- if anything, it will be degraded in the port. So no, I'm not jealous. I'm glad PS3 players will be able to play the game, but if they start rubbing it in 360 players' faces for no good reason then I will be irritated.

  • red

    all this is bioware and ea getting more money.

  • nate

    hmmm i have to say i was expecting a flame war here. i am very proud of everyone here for not trolling. shame on this retarded writer tho. i have a ps3 myself and always wanted to play mass effect. im glad this happened

  • dee

    Im a big 360 fan and have to dramas with PS3 getting such a good title

  • marhorn

    Go look at the new Halo Reach a spartan will rise trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will never be jealous of anything after that, only……..overwhelmed with joy

    • marhorn

      lol just kidding Halo Reach sucks
      The graphics are on par with a late PS2 game at best
      I think its about time I buy a PS3

  • Whistler

    Why would I be jealous just because I own a Xbox 360? What do I lose if they offer a game that's been available for me for months finally gets offered to PS3 owners? Microsoft's not paying me anything. I hope all games get offered to all platforms. Competition between the console makers benefits us all as consumers. So no, I'm not jealous. Good for PS3 owners.

  • Low

    Jealous why would Xbox 360 owners be jealous they already HAVE mass effect 1 and 2 and getting 3, PS3 owners are only getting mass effect 2 and probably 3 which is great news for them mass effect is an awesome game. This just shows the intelligence level of the writers here a product reviews. GROW UP!

  • There's nothing to be jealous of and quite frankly if PS3 owners wanted it they could have bought it on PC by now as well.
    As Amir said, this is flamebait.
    Anything that comes from a 3rd party is subject to eventual migration to another platform at some point. The "Exclusive" tag is just to drive sales but times do change.
    The 360 got in on Final Fantasy, Metal Gear and Tekken (and more), big Playstation game franchises, but there was no reason for PS3 owners to be jealous either. I'd personally like to see the next step be cross platform online play. MS tried it with a couple of 360 / PC titles but didn't do a lot. I'd love to be able to play Madden on the 360 vs a buddy on a PS3 or PC. No one would have anything to be jealous of and it would be really up to the companies to make some killer 1st party titles to make thier system stand out.

  • Skyray

    What a bizarre article. Yes, Xbox 360 owners are horribly jealous that they didn't have to wait an extra year to get the game.

    Gabe Newell didn't "start" anything. Games coming out on one console and much later on another is nothing new — happened back in the 16-bit days.

  • yaro39

    Sell outs, ps3 should have its exclusives and 360 should have its exclusives. Its what makes the consoles what they are.

  • Neil

    Its good news, their going to make more money and the more money Bioware make the more they can expand. Is a surprise to me though

  • Carat

    Why would they be jealous? I’m as happy as the next man that the game is going to PS3 but it’ll be a whole year since it was released ontheXbox. That benefits the Xbox 360. U get a big title a gear before the competition

  • Amir

    Flamebait article.

  • Julio

    Another Xbox exclusive in the coffin. LOL PS3 will rule, it has the best exclusives and now with Bungie also jumping ship the next game will be greater than halo on the PS3. Xbox will just be a rubbish multiplatform console with the rubbish ports, no blu-ray and rubbish Kinect to play with.

  • Dixon Francois

    Game Exclusives are stupid and divide gaming communities. I am happy that PS3 owners may enjoy a fantastic game like Mass Effect 2 because we should all have fun, together. Next up, The Wii 🙂

  • Matt

    I think this is awsome, have a 360 myself and really want my friends who have PS3s to experience this awsome game!


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