Lost Planet 2: PC Release Date and Recommended Specs

By Alan Ng - Aug 17, 2010

We have some good news for PC gamers now, as Capcom has just given us a solid release date for the PC version of Lost Planet 2. The console version was released back in May on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

As reported from Eurogamer, Capcom has revealed that the PC version will be released on October 15th. Interestingly, a preview of the PC game is available over on the official NVIDIA website.

If you head to their site, you’ll be able to see how the game looks with DirectX 11 and NVIDIA 3D Vision combined. If you are thinking of picking up the game, you’ll have to have a speedy unit to take full advantage of the game’s visuals. Eurogamer state that an Intel Core2 Quad or AMD Phenom x4 processor is recommended for play.

Will you be picking this up on PC or not?

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